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Exclusive: Sneak Peek Photos From ‘Home,’ The Upcoming Episode of ‘The Walking Dead’

Exclusive: Sneak Peek Photos From 'Home,' The Upcoming Episode of 'The Walking Dead'

The Walking Dead” made its mid-season return to AMC last Sunday with an episode that set up the approaching conflict between Rick’s (Andrew Lincon) group at the prison and the Governor’s (David Morrissey) in Woodbury and showcased the splintering of both the show’s central community and Rick’s sanity.

The approaching February 17th episode of the series, “Home,” is written by Nichole Beattie and directed by Seith Mann and promises to find the group debating what’s next while Rick wanders after a lost friend, Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Merle (Michael Rooker) question their decisions and the Governor vows revenge while restoring order to his town. AMC’s released the following images from the upcoming episode exclusive to Indiewire, showing tense times at the prison.

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Bob Smith

I thought the premier last week was awesome. This week, I want to see what happens between The Governor and Rick. I’m really glad I have all the previous episodes recorded to my DVR, because I plan on having a Walking Dead marathon before tomorrow night’s episode. While working at DISH, I’ve stayed current on all the products and services we offer, that’s why I purchased my Hopper DVR. I like how I can record and store all the episodes of The Walking Dead so far, and also how there’s enough space to store multiple seasons of several different shows on the huge hard drive it comes with. That hard drive can store up to 2000 hours of entertainment, and personally, I think all the storage space on my Hopper DVR is awesome.


Interesting it seems these pictures aren't on your regular TV-related or genre-related websites (Dread, Shock, BD et al.) …


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