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‘Finding Nemo 2’ Is Still Happening, But At Least Albert Brooks Will Return

'Finding Nemo 2' Is Still Happening, But At Least Albert Brooks Will Return

The days of Pixar being the lone wolf animation studio focused on original ideas over franchises is long gone. With “Toy Story” staying alive in a series of shorts, a pretty disappointing looking “Monsters University coming this spring and yes, a “Finding Nemo” sequel, the animation house is just as concerned about licensing as Walt Disney, DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox are. A brand is a brand, and there are toys to sell. And so, “Finding Nemo 2” is officially a thing but at least we’ll have Albert Brooks back.

It’s taken a while — Ellen Degeneres was confirmed last summer — but Brooks has signed to play Marlin in the followup movie. There are no plot details being revealed, so don’t ask, but Andrew Stanton will lick his wounds after “John Carter,” returning to the animation world and getting behind the camera of this one (he co-directed the first movie), with a script by Victoria Strouse (“New Best Friend“). And with a release date not expected until 2016, it means this movie will be landing thirteen years after the original. So, all the kids who grew up with “Finding Nemo” will be entering adulthood, not that it will matter on the potential box office.

No word yet on who else from the original voice cast will return, but mostly, we just hope this is a sequel worth caring about. [Deadline]

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Why don't they just do a sequel to The Incredibles? That is the only one I would care about.


Maybe it could turn out that Nemo's mom is still alive somehow, but needs help, and they need to find her. It could be called, "Finding Coral."


I love Pixar, but fuck these sequels. Most of the Pixar movies are self contained; where would you go with sequels to Wall-E? Ratatouille? A Bug's Life? Finding Nemo seemed like a one and done as well, but if there's money to be made anything is possible I suppose.

Chris Etrata

I still don’t think Finding Nemo 2 needs to happen. It ended perfectly and began with as much information we needed to know. Doing a sequel would ruin the fabric that the ending of Finding Nemo gave. Doing a prequel would be redundant because we saw how Marlin became overprotective in the beginning of the first finding nemo. It’s just a safe get out of jail card for Stanton. Monsters University also doesn’t look like it will be as good as the first. (Less emotion due to lack of Boo)


Andrew Stanton directed "Finding Nemo". Lee Unkrich co-directed it. There's a distinction.

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