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Hollywood Sexist of the Day: Rex Reed

Hollywood Sexist of the Day: Rex Reed

Rex Reed’s review of Identity Thief in The New York Observer is a scathing takedown of the film, which is fine. He’s entitled to his opinion.  He’s a critic.  What’s not fine, and what he’s not entitled to, is his continual harping star’s Melissa McCarthy and her weight.

Reed constantly mentions McCarthy’s weight in the review—which clearly has nothing to do with the film. He calls her “tractor-sized,” “humongous,” and a “hippo.” And apparently Reed just doesn’t have a problem with McCarthy’s character in the film.

Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids) is a gimmick comedian who has devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious with equal success.

Lest we forget that Jason Bateman is also in this movie, yet Reed has nothing but praise calling him “charming and attractive.” Bateman’s weight remains undiscussed in the review.

Reed’s comments about McCarthy’s weight are fat-shaming, disgusting and completely irrelevant to his review of the film. Next time, he should focus more on what didn’t work as opposed to the weight of the female lead.

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Give me a break – McCarthy was only cast in this movie because she is fat. The movie makes fun of her fat. Bateman's character says McCarthy's looks like a Hobbit. The entire movie is one long fat joke. But we chastise Rex Reed for stating the obvious and when he tries to join in on the joke, he is suddenly a sexist bad buy.


Melissa Silverstein and Kerensa Cadenas are talking bullshit. It is so typical of some women to always play the VICTIM. Rex Reed was simply being bluntly honest Melissa McCarthy is indeed famous for being obese and obnoxious in her films. McCarthy's fatness is her gimmick the audience laughs at her not with her. McCarthy is not some baby here the lady doesn't seem to mind or care that her weight is the source of the jokes in her films.

Karen Davis

Rex Reed is still around? The only thing holding him together is "plastic" and that's as superficial as his reviews and celeb profiles from the 1970s.


I saw Identify Thief. I thought it was super funny. My opinion of Melissa McCarthy in the film is that she's charismatic, extremely funny and….BEAUTIFUL. Her character is dressed ridiculous most of the movie cause it reflects her character who is very over-the-top (in a good way).

Then, in the movie, her character gets a make over i.e. she trades in her bright ridiculous outfit for a elegant black dress and toned down hair. She walks into frame and she took my breath away. She looks beautiful. Even, Jason Bateman's character tells her she looks beautiful because she does.

Melissa McCarthy is a beautiful woman. She's a bonafied movie star. It was so awesome to see her on the big screen. All I kept thinking when I watched the movie is "Wow, what a movie star."

It's too bad Rex Reed is unable to recognize her beauty. It's his loss.


I noticed that Rex Reed closed his FB account. You can no longer see the comments left by individuals who were defending Melissa McCarthy. Spinless whimp of a half man he is! Doesn't want to face the music, or answer to the comments people are making. That just goes to show you, he's an ass!


I've seen so many overweight, sloppy men expect women to be thin and stylish. Hey boys, if you want us to be attractive, then YOU need to be attractive.


The film critic, Rex Reed, is an Idiot. How many acting jobs has he done, or better yet, how many times has he tried to play a part of caring person? HE CANNOT! This would be impossible for someone who has not heart. I hope Identity Theft is a big success. Aren’t we getting tired of him slamming persons who are trying to entertain us? He should be fired! Anyone that ruthless should be punished for getting personal. One can understand criticizing another’s acting ability, but to get personal is completely out of the question. Whenever he has liked a movie, I refuse to go and see it. If he hates it, I make it a point to go. Since money is one of the measures of success for a movie, let the dollars speak for it!

Allana Gobern

I am soon tired of men telling us woman " how we should look , what looks good on us, that we should fight other women for a man, and that our size matter. Look women of the WORLD WE NEED TO GET OUT POWER BACK FROM THEM NOW!!! Look at the state of the world now and ask yourself are we doing better with them in charge all of these years? No!!!! We are in a sprawl going down. The world needs for us to take charge and to do it NOW.


a man is always trying to keep a woman down. If you hate us so much then why don't you pigs co-exist with eachother. We would be glad to get out of the way. I'd like to watch that one.


Truth Teller, you're a loser! Woman don't need to abide my mens standards. Maybe I should kick your ass. Let's see what kind of man you are big guy. You will never have a woman worth having based on the way you talk and think. You're telling the truth that all of your meat head guy friends will validate. A womans worth is not dictated by her size. You don't have to sleep with her and I'm willing to bet she doesn't want you slob. Does your mom do everything for you woman hater?


Yes, Rex, we all need to make sure that we are appealing to your eyes because you're such a big deal. You're an actor. Stop measuring woman by their "F" ability. We don't need to achieve you loser.


would this guy call a movie good because it starred a total babe? if he did, would we say he's a bad reviewer?

'member that LA Times article about how The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is mostly white men over 60? This guy's just talking like they talk at the master's house.

To the idiot named Bathory

You must really really really morbidly obese huh?

Truth Teller

The fact is she is an untalented fat actress… She does remind me of a (insert 400 pound animal here) and it is not sexist. The fact is that if it was Kevin James, Michael Moore, Nick Frost… it doesn't matter… They are equally as fucking repulsive as the next. The reason he didn't attack Jason Bateman is because he isn't overweight. DUH!


I don't think this is necessarily a sexist perspective, but this type of obsession on weight is ubiquitous. As an overweight male, I'm kind of offended that you assume this has do to with her sex, as overweight men can attest that there's plenty of shaming coming our way from society as well.

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