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In-Depth Beyoncé Sit Down w/ Oprah On Special ‘Next Chapter’ – Airs An Hour Before HBO Doc

In-Depth Beyoncé Sit Down w/ Oprah On Special 'Next Chapter' - Airs An Hour Before HBO Doc

Just in time for her HBO self-directed documentary, Beyoncé: Life Is But a Dream, her royal highness Beyoncé will sit down with our other royal highness Oprah Winfrey, for what is expected to be a revealing interview.

The press release from OWN states that Beyoncé will talk in-depth with Oprah, in an episode of Oprah's Next Chapter, which will air on Saturday, February 16 on OWN, just before HBO airs her documentary, starting an hour later.

Watch a promo for the Oprah/Beyoncé title bout below:

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Gayle King

Oprah : "Beyonce, how is it like being part of a secret satanist cult?"
Beyonce: "Umm, you know, umm I caint tawk because I never got my high school diploma"
Oprah: " I know, even a person with down syndrome puts you to shame in the speaking department." But tell me, why did you decide to join this group?"
Beyonce: "I caint say for certain cuz, umm, I only know about 20 words in the english vo-vo-ca-bulawry."
Oprah: "Just answer it in ebonics."
Beyonce: "E-bawniks?"
Oprah: "Answer it, bitch."
Beyonce: "I caint"
Oprah: "You can't because you do not have the vocabulary to express your thoughts or because you don't want to answer the question?"
Beyonce: "The first one and the second one."
Oprah: "You mean both?"
Beyonce: "Yeah"
Oprah: "Well that concludes our interview. You clearly have the intelligence of a drunk mule. Don't ever call me to promote your crap ever again."

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