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Joel McHale Explains What Richard Pryor Has to Do With Chevy Chase’s Use of the N-Word on the Set of ‘Community’

Joel McHale Explains What Richard Pryor Has to Do With Chevy Chase's Use of the N-Word on the Set of 'Community'

Chevy Chase left “Community” in November of last year before production for the fourth season was completed; his openly troubled relationship with the NBC comedy apparently extended beyond his public rows with ousted creator Dan Harmon. Chase had been very vocal about not liking (or perhaps simply not getting) the show, hinting at plans to leave and telling the Huffington Post a few months before his departure that he felt sitcoms were “probably the lowest form of television,” and that “it’s not like I am working with the great innovators of all time.”

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“Community” returns to air this Thursday, February 7th at 8pm with David Guarascio and Moses Port serving as the new showrunner, and will feature Chase’s Pierce Hawthorne for what’s reportedly the majority of its 13-episode season. Promoting the premiere on “The Howard Stern Show,” star Joel McHale opened up about his difficult costar, as seen in the clip below, saying “he didn’t want to be there.” When asked by Stern about Chase’s use of the n-word on set, an incident reported on by TMZ, an amusedly rueful McHale notes “yeah, you shouldn’t be throwing that around,” and explains that “he was protesting his character’s racism — he didn’t like the way his character, Pierce, was going. He also said in the past that Richard Pryor said it was okay for him to call him that. He used that!”

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My 2¢: "TYLER" is an idiot; Stern is the best interviewer in the business; Chevy Chase was ALWAYS a douche; and COMMUNITY should be HUGE, but it just may be too smart for the masses, the same way ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT was.


Nothing wrong with the N word… I would say it now but I know censors are set up so I'll stick with the PC comfort zone. All stereotypes and derogatory comments are based on truth. That's why for instance you will never hear jokes about basketballs stopping 5 Jewish people from raping a white girl, or jokes about how intelligent blacks are and good with money. Because we all know the truth. Now its funny that N's embrace one stereotype with pride– big C**ks.. They love that one, even though in essence that's what a N was back in the day.. Not simply a slave, but a means to impregnate with the black female population so the master could acquire more field hands without having to go to auction. So you see.. most (not all) N's are N's and deserve to be called it to their face as often as necessary to stop them from having this faux control over the word

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