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John Hughes Project ‘The Grigsbys Go Broke’ Being Revived At Paramount, Because It Worked Out So Well For ‘Drillbit Taylor’

John Hughes Project 'The Grigsbys Go Broke' Being Revived At Paramount, Because It Worked Out So Well For 'Drillbit Taylor'

John Hughes left us way too soon a few years ago at the age of 59. The once prolific writer/director created some of the most memorable films of the ‘80s and then suddenly retreated from the public eye in 1994. His untimely death put to rest the hope that he would one day return to the director’s chair. Nevertheless, his work shall continue to live on, albeit in the hands of another writer.

The Grigsbys Go Broke,” one of the last screenplays ever written by John Hughes, will be re-written by “Ice Age: The Meltdown” co-scribe Jim Hecht for Paramount. 'The Grigsbys' tells the story of “a family whose greed takes them from a contented life to move to Mulletville, selling all their possessions to do it. Stripped of their wealth, they have to start all over.” Re-writing a John Hughes script is not exactly a recipe for success. Seth Rogen and Kristofor Brown (“Undeclared”) re-wrote an unfinished John Hughes treatment a few years ago, which turned out to be the much maligned “Drillbit Taylor.”

Certainly, Jim Hecht will have his work cut out for him. While his resume is thin, he has been working on more serious fare lately. Two months ago it was announced that he was co-writing “The Big Cigar” with Joshua Bearman, a project that Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris signed on to helm. So, can he build on what John Hughes started? Can he even capture the spirit or voice that made Hughes and his films so beloved? Or is this another “Drillbit Taylor” waiting to happen? [Deadline]

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Stephen B

I remember the trades mentioning this screenplay being produced as a possibility after Hughes' death when there was a huge wave of nostalgia for his films (remember the Oscars tribute?). I never thought it would come to fruition and would still be surprised if it gets made.


Baaaaaaad idea. If they are going to re-write John Hughes, then it's NOT a John Hughes project anymore. Why not give this to Howard Deutch, as he was one of Hughes' closest collaborators as well as his friend until his passing? He would understand Hughes' creative voice and give it the proper attention.

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