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Joss Whedon Admits A Solo ‘Hulk’ Film Is Possible But Difficult To Pull Off

Joss Whedon Admits A Solo 'Hulk' Film Is Possible But Difficult To Pull Off

Making a film based off Marvel‘s The Incredible Hulk character isn’t impossible. The character has appeared on screen three times now, in three different iterations, more than any other major Marvel character (played, of course by Eric Bana, Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo). But they’re never quite great, nor as financially successful as the studios hope. With fans crowning the Joss Whedon, “The Avengers” version of the green monster the most successful, Marvel’s been seriously considering a third solo film (and rumors say that film could borrow from the Planet Hulk storyline).

So what’s up with the rumored ‘Hulk’ movie? While no concrete development has started (that we know of anyhow), clearly the idea is being kicked around. Whedon was in Dublin recently for the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival (for the European premiere of “Much Ado About Nothing“), the filmmaker and Marvel film consigliere was naturally asked about both “The Avengers 2” and a potential “Hulk” film starring Mark Ruffalo.

About “The Avengers” sequel, when asked what to expect, he joked, “death, death and death” (some sites have taken this too literally and the speculation has already started) and as for a Bruce Banner/Hulk film, the director — who is overseeing all the Marvel movie films for the next few years and would surely weigh in on a new Hulk picture — admitted a solo film isn’t impossible, but it would be difficult to get right.

“Yes [it would be possible]. But it would be very, very hard,” Whedon said when asked by the audience whether a solo film was possible (via Moviebit and Worst Previews). “The problem is the [Hulk] is a very popular character, but he’s not a superhero. Half of him is a superhero, half is a werewolf. You can’t structure it like a superhero movie. The one thing you would have in your favor would be Mark Ruffalo. But right now I don’t know if they have plans to do that or not, because he works so well as part of a greater whole. But by himself, it’s tough.”

Is Whedon playing coy? Are the rumors of a Hulk solo movie off? Surely he would know if plans were brewing. But Marvel keeps things close to the vest so you never know. Watch the video below of Whdeon introing “Much Ado About Nothing” and true believers keeping holding up candles for more Hulk smash.

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I would love a solo Hulk picture. Having viewed the prior movies, I feel Mark Ruffalo is best suited for this role. If they didn't do a current story line, it could be a prequel, referencing to Banner's conversation with the Avengers that he… got low… put a bullet in his mouth & the other guy spit it out. It would be interesting to see how he was able to come to terms with the Hulk inside.

Gary Busey's Taint

The Punisher also had three different solo films. If anyone deserves a chance at getting a redeeming film, I would rather The Punisher (actually, Daredevil would be my first pick) get focus over the big green behemoth. But alas, Hulk is like 100 times more popular and thus the much higher priority. I would just like to see a lot of the less popular character get proper dues. Daredevil. The Punisher. Ghost Rider. Moon Knight. Iron Fist. Come on, Hollywood. Why can't you give us one great film for either of these?

P.S. – I LOVE Punisher: War Zone. It's not a guilty pleasure, either. I thought it did a great job at capturing the spirit of the more recent run of the comics (pretty much the Ennis-era and beyond). Just a shame that it is so reviled. haha. But I think there can be a good film made that would appeal to a larger audience (and can still be rated R). Otherwise, I'm honestly pretty contempt with The Punisher's last film as a pretty great and enjoyable (in a campy sense) adaptation of the character… which I guess would make the whole purpose of my post pointless. haha. Whatev.

P.P.S. – With all that said, I would love to see a Mark Ruffalo, solo Hulk film. I really love the rumors going around of the PH/WWH storyline playing an integral role in Phases Two and Three at Marvel. Let's hope that this comes true!

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