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Judd Apatow Thinking About A Truffaut-Style ‘This Is 40’ Continuation Following His Kids To College

Judd Apatow Thinking About A Truffaut-Style 'This Is 40' Continuation Following His Kids To College

This Is 40” might have been overshadowed by its Christmas competition somewhat, and picked up reviews as similarly mixed as its predecessor “Funny People,” but having made a healthy $66 million in the U.S. so far before opening in most of the rest of the world, it’s certainly signified that Judd Apatow ain’t licked yet. The film was the director’s first semi-sequel, picking up on some of the characters from “Knocked Up” five years down the line, and while we’re sure his next directorial effort will see him do something else, it seems like he’s not quite done with the characters yet.

HeyUGuys uncovered an interview with Apatow from Getty, in promotion of the film’s U.K. release on February 14th, and Apatow indicates that he’s thinking about a further film using some of the same characters, inspired by none other than François Truffaut‘s Antoine Doinel films, which began with “The 400 Blows.” Apatow told Getty, “I like the series Truffaut made where he revisited the same character five different times in five different movies. I think it’s fun to see people grow up.”

But don’t necessarily expect it to focus on Apatow surrogate Pete and his screen wife Debbie, played by Paul Rudd and the director’s real-life spouse Leslie Mann. “I’m interested in it with Leslie and Paul’s characters,” he continued, “but I’m even more interested in Maude and Iris.” Maude and Iris are, of course, Apatow and Mann’s daughters, who’ve featured in “Knocked Up,” “Funny People” and “This Is 40,” playing the same characters in the third as they did in the first.

Apatow also indicated where the future film might head, saying: “When we first met Maude’s character, Sadie, she was 8-years-old, she didn’t understand where babies come from and know we see her five years later and she’s just cursing and screaming and having teenager problems so I’m thinking that maybe in the next one she’s in college.”

Now, it’s clearly early days, and with Maude being 13, there’s likely to be at least another 5-year gap before Apatow gets around to this. The question is: how serious is he being? After his great series “Undeclared,” we’d certainly love the idea of Apatow returning to the college movie, but one thing that’s marked his films so far is that their subject matter can be somewhat… frank when it comes to sex, drugs and whatnot. And would you really want to direct your own daughter in a Judd Apatow college movie?

Still, we suppose that bridge’ll be crossed when he comes to it. There’s no doubt that Maude and Iris have inherited their parents’ funny bones, but we wouldn’t want this to become super awkward for everybody down the road. In the meantime, Apatow is busy producing film and TV, including “Girls,” “Can A Song Save Your Life?” and “Anchorman: The Legend Continues,” and we’re sure word of his next directorial project will start to sneak out before too long. Meanwhile, “This Is 40” heads to home video on March 22nd and as per usual, it will be available in an Unrated Cut (along with the theatrical version). Box art below.

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Noooo! Please no more. This guys stuff is the worst kind of mediocre, I feel likeim watching a tv commercial or a really. Ad sitcom when I watch one of his movies. No more Judd and no more Seth Rogen please.


Please no. This guy sucks.



Keith Demko

Awesome.. one can only hope it will be as smug, self-centered and downright as the flaming bag of crap that was "This Is 40" .. the single worst movie of 2012


On a side note, I would love to see Wes Anderson make a sequel to one of his movies.

Daryl Hannah

This Is 50 to Consist of 155 Minutes of Chuck Klosterman-Curated Selections from Judd Apatow's iPhone

Daryl Hannah

This Is 50 to Feature Jeff Tweedy Acoustic Show at Amoeba Music in Its Entirety

Daryl Hannah

I would like to add my own vitriol in regard to this news. Fuck this guy, his tired schtick, his overlong movies and his untalented family. *drops mic*


…..This is a terrible idea. The characters have to inherently BE INTERESTING or their dramatic relations with the people around BE COMPELLING for this to work. Being your daughters is not exciting enough. Not to mention this would hit truly unpleasant levels if Apatow's "College Years" film at all – like all his films – focused heavily on his lead character's sex life…. in this case his daugther.


Sorry — meant to write second half of Funny People.


Big fan of JA, but the second half of This is 40 and almost all of This is 40 were insufferable in my opinion. He's clearly living in a bubble of unbelievable success. The stuff with his actual wife and let's be honest, not so talented kids — I feel like he practically needs an intervention at this point.

But hey, I would love to be living in the same bubble.

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