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Michonne & Glenn Are Ready For Battle In Clip From Next Sunday’s Episode Of ‘Walking Dead’

Michonne & Glenn Are Ready For Battle In Clip From Next Sunday's Episode Of 'Walking Dead'

I’ll admit that my intro to The Walking Dead came with the AMC TV series, and not with the comic book series it’s based on, so I’m not as intimately familiar with each character’s involvement in the source material, and how that’s changed (or not changed) in the translation to the TV series.

But, from all the excitement that accompanied news that Michonne was going to be introduced to the series, last spring 2012, I was under the impression that the character would be far more involved, and would have more to do than she’s been given thus far, into the TV series. Some fans seem both happy for Danai Gurira, but disappointed in how the character she plays is used.

So I look to those of you who have been fans of the series, before the AMC pickup, to chime in on whether you agree with the laments of others, or if you feel she’s in line with your expectations based on what you read in the comic book series.

A short preview clip of next Sunday’s episode has been released by AMC, and it’s embedded below:

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The treatment and writing for Michonne is appalling unless it builds to something grand. I can't even begin to fathom why the writers went in this direction with the character. They rob her of her strength, dignity and appeal. While I still enjoy the show to a degree its treatment of all of its black characters has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Justin D.

She's definitely underused. When Michonne was first introduced in the show she was a mystery. As of Sunday's premier she's…still a mystery. In the comics she's one of the most awesome characters with some of the most compelling back story (though Kirkman felt the need to hook her up with just about every black guy in the group of survivors). The show has given her some bad-ass moments but little in the way of character development. I'm hoping that changes as the season progresses.

willie dynamite

Michonne is one of the dopest 3 dimensional characters in the novel. On the show she seems subdued. I guess because Rick is the Alpha Male and top of the hierarchy on the show but also in the novel they had a deeper closer relationship. Her role has been okay, it gives me just enough to hang on to see what she will do next. The show is good but pales next to the novel. The novel is one of the best reads ever.

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