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NBC Cancels ‘Do No Harm’ After 2 Episodes (Phylicia Rashad, Jurnee Smollett, Cast Members)

NBC Cancels 'Do No Harm' After 2 Episodes (Phylicia Rashad, Jurnee Smollett, Cast Members)

As we have conversations about TV networks no longer really giving new TV shows a chance to breathe, NBC has announced that it’s canceled its Jekyll-and-Hyde-ish thriller, Do No Harm, after just 2 episodes!

It premiered on Jan. 31 at 10 pm to an unimpressive 3.1 million viewers, one of the lowest new series debuts of all time across the 4 major networks (CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC).

Last night’s episode, the second one, dropped 22% in viewers, pulling in about 2.18 million which was its death-knell.

NBC says it will play repeat broadcasts of Law & Order: SVU during future time slots reserved for Do No Harm.

If you’re wondering why we’re mentioning this cancelation, Phylicia Rashad’s co-stars playing Dr. Vanessa Young – the “strong and determined” chief of surgery who leads by example, and she’s also boss to the neurosurgeon with the Jekyll-and-Hyde personality, played by Steven Pasquale.

Also, last month Jurnee Smollett booked a recurring role on the series, playing Rashad’s character’s daughter. Unfortunately, the series didn’t survive long enough for her character to make her appearance. She was supposed to debut on the next episode.

Taking a look at another NBC show that looks like it may also get the boot, Deception (the Meagan Good, Laz Alonso series) debuted to 5.6 million viewers and a 2.0 rating, which wasn’t all that strong to begin with. Since then, it’s been hovering around the 3 million viewers mark, a 40-50% drop from its premiere highs, which is a lot.

Smollett will next be seen on the big screen in Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.

Up next for Rashad, the film adaptation of Marie Phillips‘ 2007 novel Gods Behaving Badly.

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Looks like networks have mucho dollars to waste. This show had a lot of action and quite enjoyable. I even passed the same evening when ' Elementary ' was viewed which I also watched. Must be enjoyable to waste money.
I would definitely want ' Do No Evil ' to return…. Disatisfied Viewer

What a waste of $$$$$$$


I haven't even seen anything on this show.. no ads no nothing…. they could have moved it to another time slot.. to see how it would do… putting it in a time slot against shows like Scandal was a stupid thing to do…they got rid of Harry's law which was stupid also..
not that many shows on nbc that I watch… just
The New Normal and


I wanted to watch the show but my evil alter ego takes over 8:25 every night and he's a fan of Suits.


The competition in that time slot is crazy fierce. Also, there was something about the lead actor that didn't work. Even the print ads didn't work. I subscribe to "Entertainment Weekly", and even the advertisements were ridiculous- a man with a copy of his alter ego's face projected onto his own hands. It looked like a set of preschoolers made the ad.


Sorry but the concept was unappealing big time.

Adam Scott Thompson

The problem isn't the (high) concept. Fact is, high concept narratives don't work as well in ongoing TV series — better to save them for full-length features. Regular series should have a basic premise from which to spin many (or a few) complicating plotlines. "The Wire" was complex but it was also, essentially, a police prodecural with seasonal arcs. Push it to the other end of the spectrum — the "episodic" — and you have self-contained episodes that resolve and move on. This is what allows the "Law & Order" franchise to persist, both in first-run and syndication. People can watch a single, stand-alone episode and not feel that they've missed out on a lot of crucial info introduced in episodes prior — perfect for the modern, distracted, overstimulated, ADHD American. I find that older viewers prefer these types of shows especially, which explains why CBS is controlling things. lol


Sad the show didn't make it. It had stiff competition in the form of Scandal. But Jurnee Smollett-Bell did make her first appearance near the end of the second episode. It was one line.


The concept was really cheesy, ludicrous, and unappealing. No regrets on it's cancellation. Onwards and upwards, ladies!

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