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Oscar Commentary Round Up

Oscar Commentary Round Up

With everything surrounding this year’s Oscars there has been a wealth of really great commentary out there.

Martha Lauzen for The Wrap gets it spot on in her article:

What did the latest Academy Awards prove? The Academy’s younger cohort can be just as sexist as the old guard? Any hopes that a new generation might value diversity in ways that the previous generation could not fathom are unfounded, even absurd?

Humor is a display of power. Those telling jokes occupy positions of privilege by commanding our attention and often disparaging members of other social groups. On Sunday evening, Seth MacFarlane, the Oscar production team, and the Academy – a group whose voting membership is 77 percent male — clearly reiterated and reinforced who wields power in the film community

Here is some of our favorite commentary picking apart the 2013 Oscars ceremony.

Seth MacFarlane’s Oscars Had a Deaf Ear and a Blind Eye to Women (The Wrap)

Screw the Rest of the Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence is the Best (Bitch)

Apparently, People Have Beef With Quvenzhane Wallis (Racialicious)

Why Seth MacFarlane’s Misogyny Matters (Vulture)

Seth MacFarlane and the Oscars’ Hostile, Ugly, Sexist Night (The New Yorker)

The Host – MacFarlane is the Only Thing People Can Talk About? (Awards Daily)

How A Wound Heals (The Rumpus)

Sign Our Letter Telling the Oscars Five Ways They Need to Change, Now! (Bitch)

Below check out one of our favorite post-Oscar moments: When Jennifer Lawrence met Jack Nicholson.

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Tarantino gave himself the flu to fit in his tux! Shirley Bassey says George Clooney is too old for her! #OscarHumorGenderReversal


Ned Beatty, we've seen your junk! Laugh along, or you're difficult and don't have a sense of humor!

Also, Steven Spielberg won't admit his past as an exotic dancer, and it doesn't matter that we can't understand Ang Lee because he's so attractive.

It's funny!!! Because comedy is never political or expressing a skewed world view, or reinforcing power dynamics that Those In Power are afraid of losing. Suck it up, minorities! Your white male mastah is making fun of you!!

All of this year's Oscar male actor nominees (Supporting and Lead) have shown their butts onscreen. All of them. And I made memes ("We Saw Your Butt") here:

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