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Our Favorite Super Bowl Ad Starring Amy Poehler

Our Favorite Super Bowl Ad Starring Amy Poehler

One of Women and Hollywood's favorite ladies, Amy Poehler, starred in a Best Buy ad during the Super Bowl as an extremely difficult customer, automatically winning our favorite Super Bowl ad of this year. Poehler's ad also proves that you don't need sexist garbage to make something hilarious and entertaining. Keep that in mind next year, Go Daddy.

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Okay, I'm the first to want to hug the crap out of Amy Poehler basically all the time, but I'm curious why no one is annoyed that this commercial presents the stereotypical dumb, knows-nothing-about-technology woman. This doesn't fall into the ohmigoshIHateIt category for me (like some of the other SuperBowl atrocities), but I admit I was disappointed.

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