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PAFF 2013 Short Film Review – ‘The Divorce Counselor’

PAFF 2013 Short Film Review - 'The Divorce Counselor'


Thembisa Mshaka’s “The Divorce Counselor”, follows the journey of a couple (Alexander C. Mulzac & Keisha Zollar) whose marriage has hit rock bottom. The films story begins as the couple is heading their separate ways in the morning.

The marriage had gotten so bad that they greet each other in the morning with a casual, ”Fuck you.”

As a last effort, the man and woman decide to visit a divorce counselor.

Although the stakes were high for this couple to attend therapy with a divorce counselor, I feel that I did not actually visually see the high stakes in this film. It would have been nice to see this beautiful couple in love, and then fall apart, and then come back together.

On a side note, the topic of this film was great. The film raises the following two questions:

1. If a Licensed professional told you that your marriage was doomed, what would you do?

2. Why do people tend to go to their friends instead of professionals when they need marriage counseling?

Given that many marriages end in divorce, it was refreshing to watch a short film about a couple joining forces to win.

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Maya Alvarez-Galvan

Given that this film was only 10 mins. long, I thought the director did a great job of showing how badly the relationship had deteriorated. I was a bit surprised that they were willing to go to therapy given the hatred between them, but I loved how they banded together when confronted with a seemingly common "enemy" – the counselor. He knew what buttons to push to get these two to see past their anger and rediscover their feelings of affection and loyalty. Well done.


1. Last thing I need is for some shrink to help me answer a question I already know.
2. I don't go to friends or family regarding any issues in my marriage because it would get around to every other person we know so screw that.

3. Find an elder or 2 who have old school knowledge and not bitter about their past so they can drop some game on marriage.

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