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Project of the Day: A Closer Look at Warhol Muse ‘Edie Sedgwick’

Project of the Day: A Closer Look at Warhol Muse 'Edie Sedgwick'

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“Edie Sedgwick Tribute Film”

Tweetable Logline:

Edie is a short film based on characters of the 1960s Warhol Factory, centered on socialite Edie Sedgwick, with a modern look at society.

Elevator Pitch:

Edie is a short film written by Carissa Werner. It is based on characters of the 1960s Warhol Factory, and centered on the iconic socialite Edie Sedgwick, who had an intriguing, but tragically short life. We will also delve into the lost and forgotten characters whose lives are forever intertwined with that of Edie and Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol, the famous king of “Pop Art.” made several statements which showed his foresight about the way the media (and the internet) would become so pervasive in our lives today. Thus the film also takes a modern look at society and technology.

Production Team:

Director: Mark Nadolski
Writer/Producer: Carissa Werner
Cinematographer/Producer: Mark Nadolski
Editor/ Mark Nadolski

About the Production:

“I first became motivated to write my film, “Edie,” after watching the movie, “Factory Girl,” based on Edie Sedgwick’s life. After watching this movie, I became VERY interested in Edie Sedgwick and the 60’s and 70’s era. The movie “Factory Girl” did a good job at explaining Edie’s time in Warhol’s Factory, but it however, did not cover much of her life after that. Thus, my film will capture that unique part of her life. I will also add a modern day spin on our society today, particularly involving technology, youth, gay pride, and the hippie movement.” — Carissa Werner

Current Status:

Currently fundraising on Kickstarter

For more information and to support this project:

Kickstarter Page

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Factory Girl was a terrible movie.

Cisco The Kid

The woman is clearly clueless about how to make a film and her muddled explanation sounds like she saw 'Factory Girl' and wants to play dress up in modern Chicago as Edie. Campaign donators might as well have just flushed their money down the toilet. Ridiculous.


This film will indeed be unsuccessful. No talent at all whatsoever.


you fucking suck girl….like for real don't even try. lmao can't even say the films name right and shit.
youre too ugly to be edie anyway.



Thanks for backing me up whoever you are lol :) And I think Cisco's name should be changed to Cisko the d*** lol.

Dr. James Colonoski

'The Travels of Cisco The Kid' ? who the fuck talks like this. Cisco, I'm enjoy the hell out of your baseless rant. Entertaining as fuck. I'm so glad you had a couple of HOURS free tonight to banter back and forth with a total stranger regarding a film that isn't even made yet. Is your schedule really that wide open or your 'life' really that empty that you need to have worthless arguments on the web? How old are you 15? Maybe you should get back to beating off to Robert Pattinson (seems more your speed and genre). I have to stop now, investing more than a minute on this will make me feel like a complete douche bag like you, so, I'll end it here…. Feel free to respond to me, however, I probably won't have the time to read it or respond back though… lol…


lauryn lol and who do you think u r? haha.. amen.. no not amen to him hes clearly a douchebag and a prick!


Wait a minute.. how did you see my pics on facebook if we arent friends on there? Wow stalk much?


ooo project of the week… lol not big deal really.. everyone is getting their own friends like to vote as well, so what gives? Also did you read the crituque journalist comment who says my film looks the most interesting? You are clearly delusional and so wrong its not even funny lol. I think your just mad somehow that ur not successful lol.


LMAO thats so funny cuz i am a size 4-6. your retarded wow lol


Amen, cisco, amen.


Just back off and leave me and my film alone. You have no idea I'm doing this film for the wrong reasons. You clearly have got to be kidding me, and no actually not EVERY film gets chosen to be on here. I know this. I dont see anyone else siding with you on here so clearly it is only your opinion! Did you see my other video or just the one? I have 2 videos by the way. The pitch one, and theres another one with me acting out lines. You also haven't even seen me act. So how would you know, seriously. Go away! Oh, and your wrong. I just read an article that Sienna Miller did have to lose weight. You are so wrong about well, everything! lol. Read: Sienna Miller reportedly had loose even more weight to play the part of Edie Sedgwick in her new movie “Factory Girl.” She needed to slim down to a controversial size zero! Guess how she did it? Keep reading, I dare you…

Oh, and lmao full figured woman? I'm a size 4-6 in women's. puh-lease!


Carissa is a beautiful young actress and model… and I look forward to seeing this film complete!


Also, what makes you say I don't have talent or experience? How would you know that if you hadn't even seen the film yet? lol..


Oh, sorry, and one more thing. Sienna Miller I'm sure had to lose A LOT of weight to play Edie. Normally she too is not Edie's same body weight. How do you know I'm not doing the same thing? And to be honest I'm really not that far off from Edie. Edie was also 5'8, and so am I.. Edie also was not as skinny at times, either, hence why she had battled with anorexia. Before she was in Andy Warhol's factory she was about 30 pounds heavier. (What I have read in her "Edie," book.) She also gained a little after the factory, and had more of a womanly shape in Ciao! Manhatten. Just a note I thought you should know. So like me, her weight was never always consistent.


lol. That is clearly your opinion because the majority of people do not hold YOUR same opinion. Stop putting down other people's projects to make yourself feel better. If my film was so bad then why is it here on indiewire, huh? And let's see if I get project of the week. That'll prove you wrong. Also, I have been planning on covering her life with her marriage and death too, which I have no idea why you think I wasn't going to. Once the film is out be sure to check it out, and you'll probably change your mind because I have been working very hard on this and no it's not just a vanity project. Im sorry you feel this way.


lol… for someone who is not interested in this film you clearly have a lot to say about it. So Why waste your time ? I'm sorry you feel this way but, Actually, I HAVE studied her for about a year now. I also read her book, "Edie" based on her whole life! Also, I admit that was a mistake with the "Ciao" pronouncing. Actually I just deleted my account on Indiegogo. I actually forgot I had one on there. As you can see there was only $10 raised on there hence why I did not go on it anymore. I am giving this a modern day take because it will be interesting. I do not intend to copy everything she did. This is what will make the film interesting. Honestly, a lot of people have good things to say about it, so you are the minority… ha. I remembered the dialouge. I just used those one lines because obviously there was no other character in my video to speak another line to. Thats also funny, because several people have told me I do look like her so that is your opinion. Sienna Miller did not really look like her to be honest, and many people have told me I look like her more than her. Yes, I have blue eyes but they also as big as her brown eyes were. And also, you haven't seen in me person so you really do not know what I look like! Basically I am just sitting down in the video, so you do not even know my body shape. My face is just fuller as hers was too, and I may not be AS tiny as her, but I sure am not big either! Get a life. Why do you care? Also, I do have a production team, a director, and a very good one at that, and who edits films. When you see this film you will be wishing you kept your mouth shut, because you seriously do not know what you're talking about. Do not claim to me that I do not know about Edie when I do. This may be my first time writing a film but theres always a first time for everything. Oh, and yes, one of the actors who will be in MY Film IS Paul America's nephew. Know Paul? He co-starred in Ciao! Manhatten with Edie Sedgwick and was one of Andy Warhol's superstar, so take that. You must hate your life. lol. Goodbye.

Charlie Kaus

This looks like an interesting film. I look forward to viewing it!


Oh, and don't call me Miss Werner ever again. I don't ever use my last name KID. And yes, I do have a script loser.


One more thing… Im noyt raising funds on indiegogo so I dont know what your talking about. I must have signed up for it before but only on kickstarter now.


Also, for your information a lot of people did not like the movie "Factory Girl," and my film will be way better.. Answer this: Have you watched Ciao! Manhatten? Hence you would explain why I look nothing like her? Watch that movie and then come back to me… You do not know anything obviously Mr. Negative Cisco the kid…. You do not know the direction of it So stop making judgements when you know nothing..


Excuse me? Who do you think you are? As you can see THIS is not the ACTUAL film. THIS is just a trailor for it, hence why Im trying to raise funds on kickstarter. Really? It has no energy or character? And why is that? Can you explain why? Have you ever watched her in Ciao! Manhatten? I was emulating her in it.. Edie Sedgwick starred in it. But obviously you probably no NOTHING about that movie, now do you? lol…

Lee Feathers

Wow! Clarissa! That looks so awesome!

rachel irving


rachel irving


Rhashad Washington

I'm excited for this project!!! and excited to be apart of it!!!.

Brian O'Dea

Maybe Dean and Britta can do your music (13 Most Beautiful: Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests (2010)), formerly LUNA. Good luck. I look forward to the film

Tim Harry

Can't wait to check out this fresh take on Edie Sedgwick's story. How could anyone not like Andy Warhol

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