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Reelblack Developing Doc On Contemporary African American Cinema (Fundraising)

Reelblack Developing Doc On Contemporary African American Cinema (Fundraising)

Philly-based film production/promotions company Reelblack, has launched a fundraising campaign via Indiegogo to produce Black Film Now, the first feature-length documentary on African-American cinema in a decade.  

The goal is to raise $25,000 before March 10 to cover production costs.

More Black films have been made in the past 20 years than in the entire history of cinema before it, yet there hasn’t been a decent book or documentary on the subject in over a decade,” explains Founder Michael Dennis (aka Mike D).  “We have footage and access.  We don’t have to wait another ten years for Ken Burns to tell this story.”  

Check out the video pitch embedded below, and to make your contribution, visit If you’d like to be a part of their viral promotions team or have any questions about the project, contact Mike at or through Twitter @Reelblack #BLACKFILMNOW.

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That's what I'm talking about. Mike D hit the spot in another tread, a conversation ensued, Tambay heard the chatter and BAM… Black Film Now / Indiegogo Pitch Video hit the board. That's action… that's progress.

Now, since I'm a broke brotha, I am generally not inclined to give my little money to any ol' Tom, Dick or Harry with a sign in their hand. Check that, I have dropped a few dollars in the church collection plate. And I have surrendered to the requests of those guys — standing on the side of the road — with signs in their hands. In both cases I didn't know what they'd do with the money — nor did I "really" care — I just knew they probably needed it and it wasn't going to hurt me. But I have to admit that I've never given one dollar to a film's funding campaign. I just couldn't do it. The old school player in me told me that game is made to be sold and not told. Take that as you will, but the natural skeptic in me tugs at my coat.

However, since I believe this project can reap rich rewards, I'm gonna jump out of my comfort zone. Hell, since I am always up in here running my big black mouth and droppin' my mess, the least I can do is drop a little of my scratch — for a damn good cause.

So, I'm gonna reach in my back pocket and pull out that old wrinkled white man Benjamin Franklin. That's right, I'm gonna drop my $100 and I challenge other (avid and vocal) S&A readers to do the same.


Thanks Dankwa. Thanks, Tambay. I hope people use this comments section to share their thoughts and ideas for BLACK FILM NOW. We're going to make the best film possible with what we have. I'm going in with certain assumptions based on who we've already talked to but the hope is to create a tool that S&A readers can use to make their work better. Input is required. I'm also available offline at

Dankwa Brooks

I like this project because it has a clear narrative and promises not to be a bunch of talking heads. Like Mike D said it has been a while since the subject has been broached on a serious level. It is needed!

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