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Rumor: Disney Planning Character Driven ‘Star Wars’ Spinoffs, Yoda To Get Stand-Alone Film

Rumor: Disney Planning Character Driven 'Star Wars' Spinoffs, Yoda To Get Stand-Alone Film

This is neither the first nor the last time rumors about Disney‘s plans for the “Star Wars” franchise will go flying around, so treat it accordingly. And we have to say, this is vaguer than most, so take it for what it’s worth.

According to AICN, Disney plans “to focus on established characters and do solo films” and Yoda will be the first get his own stand-alone movie. Now, it’s unclear if this means this is what J.J. Abrams will be doing for “Star Wars: Episode 7,” or  (much more likely) a spinoff further down the line when Disney plans to do a few movies within the universe per year, or if this is just a pile of bunk. Whatever it is, Harry suggests that Abrams directing the sequel has re-oriented Disney’s theme park plans which may have some bearing on what the future “Star Wars” movies will be. Or something. Seriously, it’s a bit difficult to figure out what exactly he’s saying here.

But perhaps the larger thing to draw from this rumor is that if it turns out to be true, we can’t imagine a more boring approach to future “Star Wars” movies. The universe George Lucas has created is absolutely massive, and a real opportunity to create a mythology for a whole new generation of moviegoers. Returning to the Yoda/Luke Skywalker/Han Solo/Boba Fett, well it just seems pretty dull to us.

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Would suck a Yoda movie, money it will make


As a long time Star Wars and JJ Abrams fan, I’m excited about a film about Yoda. He’s trained Jedis for centuries, which means he’s probably seen some amazing battles over the past millenium. I think, with the right writers, the other spin-offs will be pretty exciting. I know I will be first in line to look for the casting calls. :)


Does this mean we finally get his home planet?


A movie centering around the bounty hunters from Empire Strikes Back would be pretty nice. With or without Boba Fett, they could also create a whole new character to fill his place. Something exploring the Star Wars underworld would be interesting. A recent novel came out called Scoundrels about Han and Lando doing a heist in between SW and Empire and while the actors are too old to do it during that period, they could set it up to take place after Jedi. A bunch of old smugglers doing a Star Wars Ocean's Eleven might be cool.

Ray H

Nice! They should get Wong Kar Wai to direct this as his sequel to The Grandmaster. Young Yoda. Forbidden love. Epic Force battles to determine who rules over the Jedi.


I agree that Yoda alone is pretty dull choice. Maybe younger Yoda (like 100 years before the prequels) with completely new characters is ok. Who wants to see another Yoda-during-the-clone-wars film? Or does anyone want to see Yoda hanging out in Dagobah?


Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Boba Fett dull? What the hell are you talking about? You seem dull to me. Also a good writer would explain some better points at to expanded universe which is a great thing but to bash the originals that made it great? Should we expand to the land of gungans?


Cash grab

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