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Senate Drops Zero Dark Thirty Investigation

Senate Drops Zero Dark Thirty Investigation

day after the Academy Awards and the essential shut out of Zero Dark
(except for an award for Sound Editing), the Senate Intelligence
Committee announced that they were dropping the investigation between
the film and the CIA contacts.

timing is incredibly suspect and is another kick in the head to the
Zero Dark Thirty
team. If I were them I would be fuming since
Feinstein’s put down of the film basically scuttled its chances in the
awards race. Who knows what the race would have been like had the film
not been completely tainted.

Here’s what Senator Dianne Feinstein said in her statement:

December, Senators Levin, McCain and I wrote to Acting CIA Director
Michael Morell seeking information provided to the filmmakers of ‘Zero
Dark Thirty’ by the CIA. The CIA responded with information about its
interaction with the filmmakers. I see no need to request further
information. In a separate letter, Senators Levin, McCain and I
requested the basis for CIA’s view that enhanced interrogation
techniques provided some intelligence that led to the killing of Osama
bin Laden. The CIA’s response to that letter is forthcoming.

Senators Levin, McCain and I wrote to Sony Pictures in December and
outlined our view that scenes in the film which credit CIA’s
interrogation techniques with leading directly to the takedown of bin
Laden were inaccurate and misleading. The committee has not made any
contact with the filmmakers, did not request documents from any
individual associated with the film, and have not conducted any
investigation into the film whatsoever. We have simply asked questions
of the intelligence community pertinent to our oversight

Senate Intelligence Committee drops ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

Senate drops Zero Dark Thirty inquiry (The Guardian)

Senate Drops ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Probe (The Hollywood

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Good they lost. Fuck those two propagandists. They should be pariahs, if the common people had any self-respect and cared about America's role in the world. War propaganda is despicable, and torture propaganda? Seriously? We're supposed to ignore blatant lies to sell torture? Fuck them both.


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I surely hope this POS movie is "forgotten" as soon as possible (if even possible) and dismissed for the right wing statement it is, in the culture war between progressive-minded film making and retrograde, imperialist and cold blooded propaganda. But I'm aware that such a thing is nothing more than a fantasy as the movie has drawn at least 100 million dollars at the box office. Those two right wing stooges will be back again soon enough for sure. I don't think that the movie suffered from the senate investigation though, but rather from the backlash that was created thanks to the admirable effort by a handful but influential writers and thinkers who raised issues that most American film critics failed (willfully or not) to address properly.


Talk about being sandbagged….I think what happened to ZDT was partially Bigelow and Boal's fault when they described the film as being "journalistic." However, I felt that the accusation that the film leant credence to the efficacy of torture highly overblown. That she wasn't even nominated was a crime of the Academy. Of course, having a senate investigation fulminating against the film help undermine its Oscar chances…

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