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Shout! Factory Acquires French Indie Horror Film ‘Dead Shadows’

Shout! Factory Acquires French Indie Horror Film 'Dead Shadows'

French horror director David Cholewa’s illogically titled debut film “Dead Shadows” has been turning heads for a few months now with its red band trailer, which seems to beg the question of just how seriously the viewer is supposed to be taking it. The film has finally found distribution in the form of muti-platform distributor Shout! Factory, known for their love of releasing and re-releasing the films from the more niche side of the horror genre. The film will receive a VOD rollout and DVD release later this year.

You can watch the trailer below. The film follows a young man whose parents were killed eleven years earlier as Halley’s comet passed by Earth. Now a new, CGI-rendered comet is passing, and everyone is celebrating accordingly. Except Chris, who begins to notice that people are “acting strange” as the comet passes. Strange is in, having bizarre tentacley sex, turning into giant, naked spiders, and whatever you would call the dance moves that kid is doing at 0:42. Could be a fun, Carpenter inspired B movie masterpiece? We’re certainly open to being pleasently surprised.

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I also heard that the cannes version was a work in progress ,with temp sfx vfx audio etc that's what the producer and director explained in Sitges where the film has been screened.It was completed only a couple of month ago that might explain some bad reviews over the internet.
All foreign reviews i have found are pretty good aka dread central etc..


The film made it to Cannes' film market last year and to a few festivals around here. Most reviews aren't that good thus far.
Maybe the sequel to The Theater Bizarre (witch recently announced it's batch of filmmakers, most of them being french) will bring back attention on the so called "french horror"… or not.

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