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Sorry Timothy Olyphant, Video Game Franchise ‘Hitman’ Gets Rebooted With Paul Walker

Sorry Timothy Olyphant, Video Game Franchise 'Hitman' Gets Rebooted With Paul Walker

According to Wikipedia, in the videogame series “Hitman,” the nameless Agent 47 is marked by the following characteristics: 47 is an introverted character who almost always speaks without emotion in a calm, formal manner (with what might be considered a muted or blunt affect). His lack of empathy, emotion or excitement while committing acts of murder are defining characteristics of the character. Basically, he’s an unfeeling, expressionless drone. So who better than Paul Walker to take on the character?

Perhaps sensing that his employment on the “Fast & Furious” franchise will have to end at some point, that actor has taken the lead in a reboot of “Hitman” franchise, which is now being called “Agent 47,” like a new title even matters. Video game fans know that Timothy Olyphant took on the role in the 2007 movie that was modestly successful, and even though it didn’t even break $100 million worldwide, a sequel was in the works a couple of years ago. Why? Because a brand is a brand is a brand, and these things can be made with the change found in studio cushions (“Hitman” cost $24 million).

So anyway, Fox will kick the can again this time with a sure to be awesome (yes, that’s sarcasm) script by Skip Woods (who wrote the Olyphant movie, that wasn’t so hot) and Michael Finch (“Predators“). And if that wasn’t enough to set the bar low, commercials director Aleksander Bach will make sure his feature debut on the movie, with production starting in the summer. So, if you wanted to see 90 minutes of cut scenes with perhaps the least charismatic actor around, your dream has come true. [Deadline]

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Brendon Mize

Paul Walker? Oh God. Thanks for saving me $8.50 for a movie ticket!


Not knowing the game very well, I enjoyed the movie. I loved Timothy Olyphant in the role of Agent 47. I could see the conflict in his eyes, which is not always an easy thing to pull off. I think he portrayed the character with heart and feeling. I feel that rebooting the movie and inserting a different actor would take away from the fanbase that is out there of the movie. It would make more sense to get a better story teller to do the script though as the 1st movie was a little strained. Personally I wouldn't change any of the actors from the first movie, just the script writer! I would definitely see it if it had Timothy as Agent 47. I won't if Paul Walker portrays the character as I would feel cheated.


I've long been a fan of Timothy's, since Scream 2 in 1997 really. While Hitman was a miss, Olyphant played the part well, which is something I don't see happening with Walker in the lead. This is a pretty dramatic downgrade in my opinion. I'm dumbfounded to see the same screenwriter return for the reboot, considering it's his shitty Hitman script that made this whole reboot thing possible, necessary or not. Hollywood recycles the same bad writers like it does with its movie franchises, which is why the majority of these remakes/reboots are so bad. It starts with the screenplay, and when you expect different results with the same writers, nothing good is ever going to come out of it.


I've always felt that Jason Statham would have been a good 47. Maybe for the next reboot in 2-3 years… :-)

Blenda Taylor

I'm glad Timothy Olyphant isn't doing another Hitman movie,I never liked Tim bald,but he will always be Agent 47 ,good luck Paul Walker.

Stephen B

I love how on the Nerdist podcast Olyphant admitted he only did Hitman to enable him to pay for a house he'd bought before Deadwood's cancellation.

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