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‘Spider Stories: An Animated Film’ – Set In ‘An African-Inspired Fantasy World’ (Fundraising)

'Spider Stories: An Animated Film' - Set In 'An African-Inspired Fantasy World' (Fundraising)

Instead of me yapping (I’ve been terribly sick and I’m feeling rundown right now), I’ll just share the email I recieved from the filmmakers – John Agbaje and Charles Agbaje

My brother and I are producing an animated film set in fantasy world based on pan-African culture and mythology. The project is being funded through a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign that is active now. Here is the link: Spider Stories: An Animated Film 

Synopsis: After the royal family is over thrown by a corrupt neighboring kingdom, a fearless princess, armed with a mystical staff, embarks on a quest with a wayward drummer to understand her homeland, reconnect with spirits and reclaim the throne.

Our goal is to create a pilot episode for an animated series. We just pitched the concept at the Harvard’s Africa Business Conference to rave reviews so we are excited about the project.

It would be great if you could write up a story about the project. I’m sure it would be very interesting (and timely) to your audience.

Attached is some artwork. You can see more on our Facebook page as well.

Thanks for reporting that story. The movement is happening now. 

I hope to hear from you soon.The pilot for an action cartoon set in a African inspired fantasy world. A mythic, epic experience with a unique cultural perspective.

Watch their video pitch below, and if you’re sold, click HERE to make your contribution to their campaign. They’re trying to raise $25,000, and have raised close to $3400 thus far, with 37 days to go.

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buck wade

Awesome idea! I’ve noticed that nearly every medieval fantasy takes place in europe or asia, and almost never in africa. What cultures is your animated series based off of?

Black Super Hero

FINALLY! I was just talking to my mom about there not being ANY LEAD black people with supernatural powers in, movies particularly. Hunger Games, X-men, I Am Number Four, Harry Potter etc…
So my hope is that this will get its funding, be a hit, and then become a film series with BLACK actors as supernatural LEADS.

Great concept. I'd even watch the cartoon!

other song

reminds me of Airbender but that's not a bad thing. one, that series was phenomenal (particularly seasons 1 and 2). secondly, i can see enough here that makes it very unique. will support.


Sounds promising, but the title "Spider Stories" is too generic…

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