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Surprise! Go Daddy’s Sexist Super Bowl Ad is the Worst Ever

Surprise! Go Daddy's Sexist Super Bowl Ad is the Worst Ever

While the Super Bowl is bringing us Beyonce at halftime, another thing it annually brings are the worst of the worst in terms of sexist ads. And without fail brings the cream of the crop when it comes to sexist ads.

And this year’s is particularly revolting–featuring the “sexy side” of Go Daddy supermodel Bar Refaeli kissing the “smart” side, a guy named Walter–as narrated and watched by racecar driver Danica Patrick. The whole thing is weirdly voyeuristic and really creepy–going so far as to closely zoom in as the kiss happens. Everyone involved in the commercial seems supremely uncomfortable–as they very well should be.

I always expect the worst from Go Daddy, but they really outdid themselves this time. This ad is completely disgusting, sexist and degrading to everyone.

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Maybe I'm just not seeing it…but I don't really understand how this is sexist…


sadly, it must have 'worked' the day after the superbowl was their biggest sales day.


it was utterly disgusting- that's all

B. Carson

Too bad the power outage didn't keep this commercial from being broadcast. And why do they ban a G-rated "pornhub" commercial yet allowed this "Go Daddy" crap?


I can see where they were trying to go with this but it's just resulted in an atrocity lacking any trace of wit, I think Go Daddy is in serious need of a new marketing team if that's the best they've got


Seems like you're doing a lot of reading into a ad that was never meant to be taken seriously.


That's got to be the grosses thing I have ever seen in my life.


And the only reason Danica races with the guys is because she is a "sell out" too. First thing she did with her fame was to get half naked for sports illustrated. Ugh! Why can't anyone just take the high road


What's the point? Are they (godaddy…)is it to teach young boys how to kiss? Ridiculous ad.



V Celentano

Ugh! As we listen to the smacking & wait to see if a tongue is going to be slipped to the "geek w/the nervous red skin", I cringe to think that a women who races w/the guys approved of this. Yuck!




Bar Rafaeli can't be sexy and smart? Is smart always awkward? What are they saying? This is awful and it makes me want to avoid Go Daddy.


This is so, so cringe-worthy. I mean…ick. I can't imagine it would even sell well, because, well, it's SO awkward. GoDaddy is the worst.

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