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The Controversial ‘Because I Love You’ Coming On VOD, iTunes And DVD

The Controversial 'Because I Love You' Coming On VOD, iTunes And DVD

Those of you who are regular S & A reader will remember this independent film I profiled last year, titled Because I Love You, written and directed by Joseph Elmore, which created quite a brouhaha.

You remember? That film about, Cream, an exotic dancer and devoted mother of a beautiful, little girl named Cookie and who’s in the midst of a custody battle with her ex-husband, who wants her to stop dancing or give up her daughter. On the very night that Cream has decided to quit dancing, the strip club is robbed by a group of wild animals and she is taken captive and moved to an unknown location where she is beaten and raped repeatedly. They plan to use her and then kill her before they move on to the next city and the next job. The only thing keeping her alive is the care of one of the kidnappers who refuses to let her die and forces her to remember that her daughter needs her.

Oh yeah, now you’re saying to yourself… that film!

Of course, more than a few people were upset over the premise of the film, though it definitely had its defenders as well. And I even interviewed Elmore, who wanted to give his side of the story HERE.

But now comes word that Because I Love You is now available on video-on-demand through your local cable provider, as well as being on iTunes. And it’s coming out on DVD on March 26th, through The Bosko Group and MVD Visual.

You know you want to see it.

Here’s the new trailer for the film

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I so much loved this movie..found myself watching it over and over again.Ipersonally dont see much controversy about it..its just like in all the other movies..I also would like to complement each and every character coz they played their roles so well..bringing out the particular character that is being potrayed..Bt then again i just wish it had a better ending..

Adream Reese

It was a real love with trust between the two. I wish it didn't end the way that it did. I was hoping they could have been together and he change his life .


I rented the movie. Suprisingly, it had a strong story about the stripper and her kidnapper. It actually was touching. Shocker…. I know!


Would somebody please explain what is so controversial about this movie??? Personally, I don't see the controversy. It looks like any other movie that's out there.


I love controversy especially when ShadowandAct posters protest against a film. It makes me curious as to what's so offensive about the content that bothers people. Of course this trailer looks pretty bad. They could have at least named the characters Strawberry and Champagne instead of Cookie & Cream. Strawberry & Champagne sounds a little less ratchet. lmao. Anyways, I have a few Itunes Gift Cards laying around so I might just check this out on Itunes. If anything at least I'll get to see some stripping if the movie isn't good. lol


Cookie & Cream.
I have a sudden hankering for Oreos!


I don't see the problem, films like these are made all the time, it's entertainment. People need to get over the idea that these types of films reflect badly on black culture. Violence like that occurs in all cultures and film makers and tv shows don't have a problem with putting it out there.


What the…..after reading the synopsis, I don't even want to see the trailer. Why Lord Jesus? Why, just why?


Oh yeah, THAT film. Yep, I remember the brouhaha and the director's response.

First, Mr. Joseph Elmore handled his business like a gentleman. He could have come up in here and showed his ass… and imo, he would have been justified in doing so. But no, he addressed all the comments with respect. I can't say the same for many of S&A's more vocal visitors.

Like today, I looked at the trailer (not bad in my opinion) and I'm trying to figure out what others are seeing or missing? Is it the genre, subject matter, acting or naked strippers that has people up in arms?

Honestly, I'm smelling the putrid odors of prejudice and negro snobbery.

That's right, other than that, I seriously do not understand why some folks are poo-pooing this trailer.


You asked where does black cinema need the most help? Right here baby!

Nigs 4 Sale

Cookie and her mother Cream??? HEX NAW!!!!


Seriously? For real? Okay, seriously?

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