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The Next Hot YA Franchise? Watch The Trailer For ‘The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones’

The Next Hot YA Franchise? Watch The Trailer For 'The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones'

Twilight” is done, “The Hunger Games” is off and running, and Hollywood is itching to find a new YA franchise to pin their bank accounts one. Warner Bros. flopped earlier this month with “Beautiful Creatures,” a supernatural Southern Gothic spin on the romance between an otherworldly creature and a human, and now “The Mortal Instruments” will take a crack at trying to get a tweenage audience all hot ‘n bothered.

And to help get across that epic feeling, the first trailer for the film lays John Murphy‘s “Sunshine” theme liberally over top, while once again a young woman (Lily Collins) holds the key to destiny/survival/whatever for some extravagantly wardrobed and tattooed dudes, with swords, flames and fighting galore. Unlike “Beautiful Creatures,” this one is coming out of the gate promising more action with less emphasis on mood. But unless you’re already invested in these stories, it’s a hard sell, and this looks — at least to us — just like any other YA clone coming down the path, and that includes next month’s “The Host.”

But maybe this one will succeed where “Beautiful Creatures” didn’t. Find out when ‘Mortal Instruments’ arrives on August 23rd.

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I sure hope they restart the Sun at the end…


Everyone has their own opinions, but I think you shouldn't judge a movie based on other Y.A franchises. The Mortal Instruments is different to many other Y.A franchises like Beautiful Creatures and Twilight ect, because it doesn't focus on the actual creatures, it focuses on the people that hunt and kill them to protect society, whilst still being part-human. The books are some of the most original and well-written out there, and I believe that the movie will be too.

Daryl Hannah

Donald Richie died, huh?


This is a travesty, the author is a hack plagiarist and that this even got made is an embarrassment.

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