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The Weinsteins Didn’t Get ‘The Canyons’ Because They Wanted Final Cut Over Paul Schrader

The Weinsteins Didn't Get 'The Canyons' Because They Wanted Final Cut Over Paul Schrader

What Harvey Weinstein wants, he usually gets, or at least makes a valiant effort to do so. And certainly, there is no man in Hollywood you want behind your film, because no one will promote, love, market and raise awareness for your movie like he will. But it seems that some of the strings attached to deals involving Harv may be too much for certain filmmakers, as was the case was for those behind “The Canyons.”

With the buzzed indie movie starring Lindsay Lohan and James Deen landing at IFC Films a couple weeks back, THR reports there were some other contenders in the mix — namely Harvey’s VOD shingle Radius and Magnolia. The latter filled their sex ‘n controversy quotient by nabbing Lars Von Trier‘s “Nymphomaniac,” but a deal with Radius was scuttled after they asked to retain final cut — something that director Paul Schrader “balked” at. Certainly, the specter of Harvey Scissorhands looming in the editing bay is always a risk (he reportedly wanted to make some changes to “Killing Them Softly,” but producer Megan Ellison prevented that from happening) but it’s not the first time outside help has been suggested for Schrader’s movie.

“The film is so languorous. It’s an hour 30, and it seems like it’s three hours long. I saw this as a pranky noirish thriller, but Schrader turned it into, well, a Schrader film,” screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis told the New York Times. And there have been disagreements between the producers and Schrader over the opening of the movie, which he has refused to reshoot at their request, while a cut was shown to Steven Soderbergh who offered to edit the film.

But, for better or worse, Schrader’s complete vision is what we’ll get when the movie is released this summer.

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Everyone wants to edit this movie so clearly its not working as it is. No doubt Schrader is brilliant screenwriter, but the acting and production in this movie looks crap from what i have seen. This movie is getting so much attention because of some of the people involved. Its all hype. And its as if they are using all the rejections and bad publicity to get interest in the movie. I find it a bit beneath Schrader to be quite honest.

Webster Skyhorse

Amazing that people don't respect Schrader enough to do his thing from start to finish. If he caves and lets them at it, we've got an EXORCIST or THE WALKER-style fuckaround that feels compromised. If he sticks to his guns because he's a man of honor, he's smeared as difficult, elitist, and the movie's goodwill is irreparably harmed. What was no doubt conceived as an experimental effort ala one of Schrader's favorite films, PERFORMANCE, already has a line around the block of critics with the knives out. THAT AINT RIGHT.

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