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Trailer: ‘Return Of The Moonwalker’ (Michael Jackson Comes Back From The Dead)

Trailer: 'Return Of The Moonwalker' (Michael Jackson Comes Back From The Dead)

From the “WTF Tuesday” files…

Here’s a project I remember profiling on the old site, I believe it was in 2011. At the time, I had little information on it, so I shared very little.

2 years later, according to our friends at Quiet Earth this afternoon, the film is heading to theaters and VOD next month.

Directed by Mike Maria, the film is titled The Return of the Moonwalker, which sees Michael Jackson coming back from the dead, as a zombie. Yes, that’s right – you read that correctly.

Here’s an official synopsis:

Michael Jackson’s hand has been stolen from his crypt in LA!! The culprits: two love-struck leather dwarves, acting on the orders of Dr. Cagliostro, a time-traveling sorcerer posing as the manager of a “punk circus” in Berlin. The mysterious mystic’s mad plan: use the risen Michael to rouse the masses and ignite a global revolution! Realizing something strange is afoot, two lesbian ghost hunter girls and three horny college dudes team up to infiltrate Cagliostro’s circus. Things come to a head when the rapidly decaying Jacko-Zombie Messiah takes over the circus and starts his own “Rainbow Revolution” one that quickly descends into chaos.

I’m sure this will offend many.

Quiet Earth says that The Return of the Moonwalker opens theatrically in Germany at the end of this month; and will be available on VOD globally in March.

Here’s the trailer for a glimpse at the ridisculousness to expect. You’ll find the poster underneath:

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Samuel Tuthill

Anyone intrigued by the pyramid with the eye in middle? Interesting to me, since some conspiracy theorist friends of mine think he was killed by "Illuminati"

Linda Nelson

But Tambay, what did you think? Funny? Offensive?


Typical b-movie horror silliness. I wouldn't get too worker up over it.


How was it possible that they even got this made? Wouldn't this film be a violation of some copyright or law in regards to Michael's legacy. Wow… And the satanic and Illuminati references in the trailer run a muck. SMDH.


This is some straight up-vile-over-the-top racist sophistry disguise as some kind of horror mash-up, something on the lines of what L'Enfant terrible-Harmony Korine channeling his inner [Tod (freaks) Browning/Werner(even dwarfs started small) Herzog] might concoct, or maybe late director -Ken Russell (the devils) Ruggero Deodato (cannibal holocaust) with a touch of Wes(the hill have eyes) Craven, anyway, its nothing more but cinematic3 card molly and/or decadent right wing phantasmagorias, gone awry.

Black Sun Tzu

I can tell you this movie will be a hit comedy! No disrespect to MJ and his admirers, but I kinda found it funny :).

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