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UK’s Sky1 Cancels ‘Sinbad’ After One Season, Ahead Of USA Premiere In April

UK's Sky1 Cancels 'Sinbad' After One Season, Ahead Of USA Premiere In April

Just as it’s getting ready to make its debut in the USA, the UK’s TVWise is reporting that Sky1 has cancelled its fantasy series Sinbad, after just one season.


Impossibe Pictures had been hopeful of landing a second season order for Sinbad, especially since international distributor BBC Worldwide has sold the series to numerous international broadcasters […] Impossible Pictures had set a team of writers to come up with ideas for a potential second season and that those were pitched to Sky, however, executives at the broadcaster felt that the series had run its course.

Well, better to end on a high note after one season, rather than extend to successive seasons that may or may not catch on. I recall reading an article on the UK’s channel 4 website I believe it was, in which they stated their intent to continue to showcase new talent in new series (both in front of and behind the camera), and extending series past 1 or 2 season gets in the way of doing that.

In a statement, Sky1 said: “As a broad, family entertainment channel, Sinbad was the perfect drama to showcase Sky1’s ambitions for long-running, blockbuster series. We were thrilled with the cast and the production team at Impossible, however, we feel that Sinbad’s story has now been told.

The BBC/Sky 1 HD production of Sinbad – that features performances from the likes of Elliot KnightSophie OkonedoGeorge Harris, Ashley Walters and Estella Daniels – aired its 12-episode first season in the UK starting on July 8, 2012.

French network Canal+ and Canadian broadcaster Bell Media were both pre-sold local rights to air Sinbad in their territories, and those of you in the USA, the Syfy channel finally picked up stateside rights to Sinbad, last September, with plans to air the 12-episode season beginning on April 12 this year.

The series’ official synopsis reads:

On the run from his home town of Basra and under a curse for a killing that led to the death of his much-loved brother, the streetwise Sinbad finds himself cast out to sea. Surviving a violent and magical storm, both Sinbad and his intriguing fellow ship-mates are forced to band together to face their inner demons, hopes, loves and fears. Our flawed hero embarks on an epic and emotional quest to rid himself of the curse and embrace his destiny. When mystical meets muscle anything can happen.

Elliot Knight stars as the legendary Sinbad, while Lost star Naveen Andrews plays Sinbad’s nemesis Lord Akbari; Black brits Sophie Okonedo plays Razia, Queen of the Water-Thieves, Ashley Walters is Abdul-Fahim, George Harris stars is Zalelew, and Estella Daniels (in the photo above with Knight) portrays a character called Nala.

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Well that’s unfortunate, I just caught wind of the series and it instantly made it’s way to one of my top favorites. There’s something about the diverse cast, and I like that Sinbad isn’t tied down by a love interest. It brings in the fact that he’s young, growing, and had much left in store for him. Unfortunately, Sky1 didn’t see that as clearly as the fans of the show did. Perhaps, if luck will deem it, another network may pick up the show? A girl can dream.


I’m so annoyed that sky have cancelled Sinbad me and my friends loved this version and it was a great show it was just getting good when it ended session 1 it should of had at lest 2-3 sessions as a uk sky customer me and my friends are very upset about this you should give them a second season


I can't believe that's another series cancelled, yet Sky keep putting up their prices!! I would be happy with the increases if they were actually investing in shows I wanted to watch rather than just sports, sports & more sports………….
I hope someone else picks this up and we can get it back!

Sean Ia

Finally! Other people who like this series.

I can't believe they cancelled the show just because "the story was told". Finally a show was made that is more mystical than scientific (even though there is a bit of science). This is something different. How will an American audience react to this series?

I was fine with the beginning. I grew to like the cast. I thought people would die a few times and yet somehow, they came back to life.

Jamil can still come back to life!


sinbads story has been told? making season two gets in the way of showcasing new talent how? give us a second series please you only half told sinbads story. it was a great show and needed a second series at the very least. so now can i trust any new series on sky to continue or am i gonna get shafted with only half a story?


I made a wikia for the show so fans can atleast talk about it. It's pretty sad at this point, but with help from fans it could get better. I can't do it alone so I'm open to getting abour 3-5 other administrators to help run things. Who don't have to be an admin to add pages and info though.


Who the hell do I have to get in contact with to get this show a second season. I swear I'd so anything short of giving my life (money, violence, indentured servitude), you name it. There's no reason something this amazing should be axed with nothing but a "the story has been told". What idiot had the bright idea to cancel this show and what idiots did he or she get to go agree with him?


I think it's pathetic!the first series was really good/different,someone please remind me what I pay sky for! I might cancel it. Very poor!

Josie Ray

I do not understand the BBC. Every show that is good they cancel. Not only this show but Hunted as well. The BBC needs to make up their mines. Give these shows time to make it the USA. I they do not make it in the USA. Place them on another channel. I going to miss Sinbad. They are great!


I miss Sinbad! Started weak, but was becoming great. Plus the diverse cast was refreshing!


This is maddening, the show was just starting to hit its stride.
I hate it when great shows are never allowed to reach their full potential.


how can they say that sinbads story has been told here,are they familiar with how big a story Sinbad is or can be. and if they felt that way then why end on a cliffhanger. there was obviously more to come.


Wow? I'm beginning to wonder if I was watched the same show as most of the commenters here. I've always been a SciFi fantasy fan, and remember watching the Ray Harryhausen stop-action movies as a boy. This series did have some good cinematography, but writing was very weak, plots where lagging not very interesting, the acting was not very good. It was only watchable because it was on during the summer season when I'd rather watch a new scripted show I've never seen, than watch a repeat from last season, or a reality show. I don't watch reality series, and that is most of what is on in the summer. I wish all the fans the best of luck in getting the show renewed, but it is most obvious to me why is was canceled; it was at best mediocre to poor entertainment.


was a great show I was looking forward to another season every good tv show ends after one season its bullshit next SyFy is going to be getting rid of primeval and warehouse 13 SyFy has went to shit over the years


Shame on you SyFy for giving us a series you knew was already canceled.
It was a fabulous series and the actors were terrific. You should have marketed it as a mini series rather than getting our hopes up for a second season. Sinbad could've had so many different adventures. How could they think that his story was told?!

Cherry Berry

Why the hell are y'all going to end a season like that making people think that there is going to be a second season. We love this show and the characters did an amazing job at the show. You feel that his story has already been told hell no it's not done he still has more. Why don't y'all get your lazy ass up and make more series we LOVE IT and many tv companies brought it to show it on air. Y'all are dumb you could be making money while giving the world what they wants. Give us back SINBAD!!!! By the way this show was amazing and I really loved it I found myself addicted to it. I like the way y'all put romance adventure drama and etc. in it really catches your attention.


u got to be kidding me D: such a good story thrown away. I LOVE SINBAD. It was my favorite story since a child. The thing that sucks more is Alana's eye. GREAT now I have to deal with the temptations of a no more story


Well, so much for that. I'm an American and I liked the pilot. They started showing it on SyFy a couple weeks ago and now that I know it's cancelled and ended on a cliffhanger, no thanks! I'll reclaim some DVR time. Ta ta!


Another "Firefly" bites the dust. Maybe fans will band together to inspire a bring back of an Impossible movie version of this amazing show.


Hopefully we'll get to see what there is of the series anyway so everyone can see for themselves.


"Well, better to end on a high note after one season, rather than extend to successive seasons that may or may not catch on." The thing is that they finished the first season with a cliffhanger.

Alex Maldonado

Yet again another great anime cancel before it reaches it full potential this is so sad to continue to see very good anime leaving us clueless about what happens next as the story didn’t even reach its climax I seriously feel like finishing this off or should I just continue to make my own anime one day that won’t let no one down ever.


    @Alex Maldonado Actually, Alex, Sinbad wasn’t an anime. It was a live action with some special effects. Not very many special effects at all and the few that they did weren’t half bad. I started watching the show because of Elliot Cowan, who plays Gunnar, the Northerner and found it to be enjoyable. I could tell that it wasn’t a huge, big money production, but it was nice to have something different to watch. But I had to track it down via Too bad it didn’t make it too a season 2 because it looked like they were really gearing up for a really interesting plot line. Knowing USA TV they wouldn’t pick it up, they never pick up anything that is interesting or has any quality

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