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Watch: ‘Bringing Lincoln to Life’ on ’60 Minutes’ with Spielberg, Day-Lewis and Biographer Goodwin

Watch: 'Bringing Lincoln to Life' on '60 Minutes' with Spielberg, Day-Lewis and Biographer Goodwin

Check out the complete 12-minute segment from February 10's "60 Minutes" episode focusing on Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln." The show explores the painstaking process by the director and his team to recreate an authentic, war-torn 1864-65 environment, and features interview excerpts with Spielberg, Daniel Day-Lewis and biographer Doris Kearns Goodwin.

Prior to the Oscar-nominated film's release, Spielberg was featured on "60 Minutes" in October. He spoke about his childhood, the 10-year gestation period for "Lincoln" and more.

Three "web extras" for the segment are here.

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SURELY, as things are –clearly– unfolding for
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debt USURY receivership——-NO——–discussion
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———————quite possibly———————-
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