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Watch Episode 1 Of New Web Series From Matthew Cherry – ‘Almost 30’

Watch Episode 1 Of New Web Series From Matthew Cherry - 'Almost 30'

His first post-The Last Fall project, Matthew Cherry has been at work on a new web series titled Almost 30

Reminiscent of some pre-1990 Woody Allen (when you watch it, you'll see what I mean), the series follows 27 year old Justin Simmons, whose life is put in disarray when his marriage proposal goes terrible wrong.

It stars Michael Moss, Ricky Smith and guest-stars Brittany C. Richards, Harvey Alperin and EJ Curse.

Episode 1, titled Almost Engaged, debuted yesterday and is embedded below:

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This is terrible. Better luck next time :(


unfunny. UNFUNNY. BAD!!


Why is this getting hated on more than the other 3000 web series? I'm honestly curious.

And LOL@ the Woody Allen reference. Trying to legitimize this mess? It's more "reminiscent" of Parks & Rec and The Office if anything.


Okay y'all, lets settle down up in here while I sing an old school mellow song, and then, we'll go somewhere. Here it goes: "Summer breeze makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind. See the paper lying on the sidewalk, a little music from the house next door, so I walk on up to the door step, through the screen and across the floor. Summer breeze makes me feel fine, blowing through the Jasmin of my mind. See the curtains hanging in the window, in the evening on a Friday night. A little light a-shining through the window, lets me know everythings alright."

I sung that song by the Isley Brothers because this post took me there. Boy do I remember my summers. Those summers as a young kid, those summers I was in love and… and summers as a parent trying to raise children, I have fond memories of those days gone by. In particular, this post takes me back to the summers that I was a little league coach, spending days in the hot summer sun in an attempt to keep my son active and give something back to the community that laid my foundation for this road called life. Now, I'll get back to this and how it relates to Mathew Cherry's web-series, but I have to skip ahead to last night.

As I've said before, my lady adores everything Tyler Perry. So, yesterday, in the mail, she received her brand new copy of Tyler's new play Madea Gets A Job. Well, of course I had to watch it with her because, you know, that's what we do… watch movies together.

After I laughed a few times I thought of Miles Ellison, an S&A visitor who said, "Tyler Perry's films are a turnoff because they're comedies that aren't funny."

Hmmmm, not funny? Then why did I laugh several times? I mean, I didn't go to film school so maybe I am less-than? I mean, I'm black, and I can relate to black folks, but maybe I haven't been around the "right" black folks so I'll laugh at any damn thang? Maybe I'm not rich enough? I mean, I've made 6 figure incomes, but maybe, just maybe, that doesn't put me in the right crowd that could teach me what to laugh at?

I don't know but at the end of the play, Tyler came out and spoke a few words that made me think of Matthew Cherry and this post. He said, "when I think back to where this all started, I remember my first play 20 years ago. I had made arrangements for 1200 people to show up on my opening night. Only about 40 came through the door. I lost everything I had, but I had a dream, I had hope and I kept pushing, kept fighting. I had a million people tell me no "

Of course, through all the sticks and stones, we know the rest of the story.

So now, my summers as a little league coach and my days coaching my son, and how it relates to Matthew Perry and this post.

Later in life, my son told me those summer days were hard on him. Although I was raised in that neighbor, my old neighborhood, back in the "hood", we no longer lived there. So my son was essentially an outsider. Not only was my son – for lack of a better word – slumming, he was the "coaches son". Those who have been around sports knows that's an unenviable position. So, to show that I wasn't showing any favoritism toward him, I, unwisely was harder on him than all the other players. And, the optimum words is HARD. I thought I was doing the right thing, but looking back, I didn't know how to give the proper constructive feedback, not only to him but to the rest of the team. Every kid is different. They all came from different backgrounds. Some needed gentle encouragement, other needed a loud commanding voice. Yet, others only needed a male's voice, someone they respected to tell them that they were alright and stay in the game. I didn't learn that lesson until late in my game.

So now, as I am reading this post, it's apparent that many mean well by their "criticism" of Matthew. Granted, there are haters among us (and we all know their "voice") but I am more concerned with the needs of Matthew Perry, his crew, and if we are really giving them the "right" feedback?



Let me switch gears.

This week the PAFF is talking place in LA. On the schedule there's panel discussions being moderated by some mighty big names. The headlines read… The POWER Behind The Faith-Based Movement… A Conversation With POWERFUL Black Men In Entertainment…. A Conversation With POWERFUL Black Women In Entertainment… A Conversation With HOLLYWOOD POWER COUPLE! Yes sir, POWER-POWER-POWER… Black Power. There's even going to be a discussion on SLAVERY, with DOCTORS and PROFESSORS at the head of the table!

But off in a lonely room, at 2 PM on the afternoon of the last day, sits a lonely man. He's only there to talk about what the black cinema needs more than Dr. Vinny Boombatz or clinched black fists. What this black world needs now is love sweet love and lessons on WRITING! But again, while the speech makers sit at the big table toasting each other with powerful smiles on their faces, the lonely legend writer might not have anyone to pass the baton.

"What the [black cinema] world needs now is love sweet love [and writing], it's the only thing that there's just too little of. Lord we don't need another mountain, there are mountains and hillsides enough to climb. There are oceans and rivers enough to cross, enough to last until the end of time"

What the black world needs now is love sweet love and writing lessons.


Charles Judson:

….. "One of the great weaknesses in our infrastructure is that we don't have a lot of spaces for writers to just talk about the craft of writing. A lot of the discussions are structured around how to get in, what will and won't be produced, and less on the nuts and bolts of writing.'

OH SHIT, DR. Feelgood has arrived. Come on Charles, give us some more of that good thang.

…… [Think about it] "Think about actors. The point of constant training for actors is not to get a specific role, it's to have the tools to play a range of roles. There are those who take that training and spin it into amazing work. Others go through the motions." ~ Charles from the ATL

Well folks, there it is, are we giving Matthew and his crew what they need, or are we just saying a whole lot of nothing that they really can't use? ?



Urban Actors

Improvements can always be made, Mr. Cherry has proven his ability to shoot great material, ie. The Last Fall, so I only see this series getting better by the episode. Jeremy Brilliant isn't the greatest DP, he clearly phoned it in, and there were far too many writers involved in this first episode, but Matthew will figure it out, I'll definitely keep watching and I look forward to the end results.

We must support our Black filmmakers with congratulations and constructive feedback! That's the only way we're going to create an environment where all of us can learn, grow and build within the larger, much more bias, mainstream film, television and new media industry.


Seems this director can do no right on this site. Favoritism runs rampant here. If this was Barry Jenkins or Dee Rees with the same material, it'd be hailed as a masterpiece. Stay up, Mr. Cherry. We're not all snotty and snooty. I likededed it.


I like the premise of it and appreciated the relatable dialogue. Being "Almost 30" , I got the television series reference, the cereal meme, and will probably get future episodes of being "Almost ___".
Scenes could be clipped shorter for a better comedic effect but I laughed.

Just My Two Cents

The background setting, acting, crosses and continuity – particularly in the opening scene – is poor. An experienced script supervisor or AD can solve that problem for you, Matthew. In addition, the snap zoom, in my humble opinion, has been beat to death. That's not to say to it can't work, but in this instance, it feels forced. The Old-Spice gag was funny – 3 years ago. Today, not so much. That notwithstanding, the payoff at the end was flat. Comedy is the most difficult genre of storytelling, I applaud your courage for throwing your hat in the ring. I have no doubt your work will improve with each new effort. Have tough skin, keep creating and stay open to constructive criticism. But most importantly, keep creating.


If there is one thing I HATE with a passion, it is characters who talk to the camera, or even off camera as this guy was doing (who the hell is he supposed to be talking to anyway?). Yes, it is a tool for telling a story, but is without doubt the laziest, most unoriginal and uncreative way of doing it, and I`m sorry, but that just wont get my attention.. If I need my characters to say something or exhibit a side to their character, then I choose the scene and words to do it. This, in my mind, cuts the good writer from the bad.


no stakes and no comedic timing. tried but no.


Well. I hate to step on any toes, but I didn't like it either. That's just MY opinion. Hater, critic, negro that cant do any better, I guess I'm all of that, but at the end of the day, that's just what it is. As a filmmaker you have to take the good with the bad, if you put your creations out for the world to see, people are going to judge. Some people are truly facetious and will not like anything that's created, but some people just like to give honest feedback. @WowFromFellowFilmMaker you just sound butt hurt about all of this, why do you feel everyone must love this? If people did love it, are they too not allowed to comment, or should they bite their tongue as well?


The writing's actually pretty good. The problem here are the actors. They don't seem to be able to handle the quirky humor the show seems to be going for. The cinematography and editing aren't helping either. That loose camera/jump cut stuff is played. I think he's going for that early Soderbergh style but it ain't working. It just looks amateurish. I'll give it a few more episodes though.


I am not a big follower of Woody Allen, so that may affect my view on this. I did notice that the scenes in which he is speaking about his girlfriend to the camera are awkward. When you break the fourth wall, the person you are referring to should either be completely outside of the camera shot or should be very, very far in the background. He was talking about her and she wasn’t too far behind him.

Why does the girl have to be so mean? I have noticed a common theme in a lot of these web series….Black women portrayed as either mean and/or materialistic alphas, while the men are betas who are constantly dominated by the women and nagged by the women. Is this what these male creators really think of Black women?

Other than that, I think the show was alright. Work on the fourth wall issue and the portrayal of Black women. I’ll be looking for episode 2.


The haters on this board are atrocious and small-minded. The comments are loaded with vitriol and crabs in a barrel mentality. Why are our filmmakers not allowed to just CREATE. Ain't nobody asking for money go this. Is a FREE WEB SERIES and jokers hating on it like A) they paid something and B) they have done anything close to better. Mean spirited come at aimed at S&A for posting? THIS IS A BLACK FILM BLOG, dumbass. That's what they DO. I just don't get it. Matthew, homie, do YOU. Make your movies. Make your web series. Stay encouraged and keep encouraging others on your Twitter etc. Disregard these zombies who don't even GET the Woody Allen reference which is simply about breaking the wall and talking to camera. Idiots all.


How did a team of writers come up with only this? What pool is this camp drawing from?
Reminiscent of pre-90's Woody Allen?

Being supportive is all good, but good gracious, seems like everybody and their mother is trying to come out with a webseries, these days, and very few are of good quality. Let's not be afraid to step back and say when something is pure crap.

Take this series back to the lab.

Do Better

Why does this blog insist on pubbing this guy? Not hating, I'm simply stumped by all of the hype and none of the execution. All of his work has been borderline deplorable and yet, he's back again with another lackluster form of entertainment. Matthew, have respect for the craft. Practice, practice, practice, and then release your work. This was clearly rushed and it shows. We must stop supporting mediocrity.


That was bad. Not jaw-droppingly abysmal, just poorly acted, poorly written, not entertaining, and seemingly pointless. I guess the friend being kind of a jerk is interesting but otherwise, they could have kept this.

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