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Watch Episode 1 Of Stacey Dash’s New Web Series ‘Stacey Dash Is Normal’

Watch Episode 1 Of Stacey Dash's New Web Series 'Stacey Dash Is Normal'

Here's the recently-released first episode of the new Stacey Dash web series Sergio alerted you to in December.

The series, which will follow the "awkward, conflicted world" of Dash, is called Stacey Dash Is Normal, while episode 1 is titled The Dip.

In episode 1…

Iit's Stacey's daughter's 9th birthday, but Stacey wasn't invited to the party given by her kid's stepmother. Alone at home, with her pug and a raging libido, Stacey fumbles through a day that keeps getting worse.

The series is created/produced by Stacey Dash and Abe Schwartz, directed by Ryan Howard and Abe Schwartz, written by Schwartz.

Watch episode 1 below:

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Stacey, if you want to rebuild/re-brand your positive image after the one-two punch of your "Single Ladies" exit/Mitt Romney endorsement (re: embarrassment), and you absolutely must continue this tedious exercise of interweb narcissism, may I suggest in your next episode walking around your house completely butt-ass naked. (The shoes can stay on.)



Geneva Girl

Was this an audition tape for a soft porn movie?


I just wasted 7 and a half minutes of my life. WTF was that? She's lucky she's hot.


This show is laughable — for all the wrong reasons, and in all the wrong ways! Hope Mitt Romney's watching, because I'm certainly not!


Should've been titled "A Series of Random Bad Things Happen to Stacey Dash and Also She Is Hot." Wasn't terrible, but nothing really happened. There was no story, just meandering little vignettes in a single day. No idea of where the show will go from here, so not a great first ep as far as setting up a series. It was good to see the teacher from Clueless, though.


What a load of self indulgent crapshit. Absolutely awful! Why is it when women hit 40, they think the hollow cheek, skeletal look makes them more attractive?

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