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Watch: Frank Miller-Directed Gucci Ad Starring Evan Rachel Wood & Chris Evans

Watch: Frank Miller-Directed Gucci Ad Starring Evan Rachel Wood & Chris Evans

Frank Miller isn’t a complicated man, but his work does seem to suggest that he’s fine with sticking to the “Sin City“/”The Spirit” millieu thankyouverymuch. And after teaming with Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans a couple of years ago for a stylish Gucci spot, the director has paired up with the actors again to make another ad for the fashion house.

Once again going monochrome, and throwing in some rain for good measure, the spot is pretty simple: Evans rolls up on a motorcycle, goes into Wood’s fancy car, and they make love on the backseat on top of a fur coat all while zipping through a retro future world or something. Somewhere in here, you will be convinced to buy Gucci Guilty Black, if only so you don’t smell like wet fur. Anyway, give it a spin below. And in case you’re wondering, the song is “Strangelove (Guilty Mix)” by Friendly Fires and Bat For Lashes.  

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My God, these ads get more idiotic by the minute. that last shot is just… so corny, to say the least


It's pretty nauseating to see so many legit directors and actors whoring themselves out to these stupid companies lately. Frank Miller, I don't really care about, but I like Chris Evans. And I mean, Nicolas Winding Refn and Brad Pitt? Roman Polanski? Why the hell are they agreeing to this garbage? I can't imagine they need the money.


Yawn. Is it 2005 again?


I think that's Miller in a cameo as the driver.

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