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Watch Inspiring Animated Short ‘Eyes On The Stars’ About Astronaut Ronald McNair

Watch Inspiring Animated Short 'Eyes On The Stars' About Astronaut Ronald McNair

I dare you…no…make that I double dare you…

I dare you not to be totally charmed and also moved by this short and wonderful animated film, Eyes of the Stars, produced by the group StoryCorps, which Tambay mentioned in a piece back in July HERE.

The short tells the story of the young experiences of NASA astronaut Ronald McNair, who you may recall, while on his second NASA space mission, was killed along with six other astronauts with him, when the space shuttle Challenger exploded just minutes after takeoff in January 1986.

The story is told by McNair’s brother Carl.

StoryCorps is an organization whose motto is “Every voice matters,” which makes oral history recordings and short animated films to provide “Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs the opportunity to record, share and preserve the stories of our lives.”

Afterward, each recorded conversation is then preserved at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress  in Washington D.C.

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Kleenex Is 4 Suckers

I cried… win.


I love this! This should be playing on Cartoon Network and during the Saturday morning rotations on major networks. I just wish the video was longer. I wanted to know more about the struggles he faced in college, etc. This brought a tear to my eye, seeing how they called the cops on a little innocent child.


This was inspiring and truly powerful. StoryCorps never disappoints in my book.


Sharing this with my nieces and nephews! Great short!




I read the R.E. McNair picture bio for kids back in the day, and it inspired me to major in the Sciences. He is definitely my hero…. no joke.


This is beautiful.


Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending this to my nephews. Thanks!


I absolutely love StoryCorps' animations! The first one I watched was "Miss Devine" and "No More Questions" — all of their stories give you that warm, joyful feeling!
"Eyes On The Stars" truly tugged at my heartstrings.

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