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Watch: Intriguing 2-Minute International Trailer Shows Off Much More ‘Hannibal’

Watch: Intriguing 2-Minute International Trailer Shows Off Much More 'Hannibal'

Game Of Thrones,” “Mad Men,” “Arrested Development“…”Hannibal“? Could the ailing, struggling, embarrassing NBC finally have a show that people will want to talk about this spring? And more importantly, that people will want to watch? Well, the more we see of the show, the answer could very well be Yes. After a quick teaser last week, a much meatier bite from “Hannibal” has arrived, and we have to say, it looks great.

The reason we’re excited for this show can be summed in two words: Mads Mikkelsen. As the titular cannibal, he is more than stepping into the shoes left empty by Anthony Hopkins in the recent film series. And this series brings with it an intriguing, cable-minded, quality approach. It will introduce FBI agent Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and Mikkelsen’s Lecter at the beginning of their relationship investigating serial killers for the FBI. David Slade helmed the pilot, and it all looks pretty ace, though our own concern is that whenever Lecter is off screen, the show might deflate. Because otherwise, it looks like your average procedural with yet another troubled cop (is there any other kind?) at the lead.

But we have faith, particularly as the story in the first season will be contained to 13 episodes, and moreover, the show’s creators promise that Lecter’s true habits will be revealed early in the show’s run (if it lasts past one season). Tune in April 4th at 10 PM to see if this one has a fighting chance. [ComingSoon]

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Alan B

Kevin is spot-on with the show's problem: without the names of 'Hannibal Lecter', 'Will Graham' and 'Jack Crawford', this would look like any other U.S. crime show. This isn't a film, where the marketing department can trade on market awareness to ensure a solid opening weekend. TV audiences need to come back again and again, and I don't understand why they would be interested in returning to see Harris-ed version of 'CSI'. Will audiences really be willing to wait seasons for Lecter's eventual turn toward evil?

Ray H

I'll give this one a shot because of the Mads Mikkelsen and Hannibel Lecter.


looks worth giving it a chance. and i'm tempted to give them "originality" credit for going back to the "source" in the troubled cop/serial killer genre (over "the following", the other cbs show with poppy montgomery, that other with simon baker, and lots of others i can't remember), BUT cbs beat them to it with "elementary".


Yes, TV's latest horror trend after vampires and zombies: cannibals.

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