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Watch Japanese Gulliver TV Commercials w/ Obama Impersonator Reggie Brown

Watch Japanese Gulliver TV Commercials w/ Obama Impersonator Reggie Brown

You may have seen Obama impersonator Reggie Brown before. The guy has been working steadily for the last four years and no doubt he’s a happy man, since, in November, he was guaranteed four more years of work.

And he does eerily look like the President, but in a kind of distorted, fun house mirror sort of way. And he better enjoy it while he can, since, in four years, he’ll be the next generation’s Vaughn Meader. (You kids out there who have no idea who I’m referring to, look him up for yourself. I don’t need to explain everything to you. Learn something about the past.).

Anyway, Brown has now begun to star in a series of Japanesse TV comercials for Gulliver, which is a major used car sales company over there.

Want to take a look at them?


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To say he is the next Vaughn Meader is an insult and implies a lot of heavy issues. This guy has real talent and his career has just begun. He is a great comedian and all around entertainer, I used to work with him when he won his Emmy back in 2008 before Obama got elected. Sergio, you need to get your facts straight and realize greatness when you see it.


I thought this guy was wearing a mask….that's his natural look?!


This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen.


Despite Their Claims, Reggie Brown Is NOT Affiliated With Dustin Gold or William Gold Entertainment.


I don't even think my mom remembers Meader. You're either elderly or you read about him retroactively like everyone else and are just being a jerk.

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