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Watch Kerry Washington, Craig Robinson, David Alan Grier, S. Epatha Merkerson In 1st Trailer For ‘Peeples’

Watch Kerry Washington, Craig Robinson, David Alan Grier, S. Epatha Merkerson In 1st Trailer For 'Peeples'

Well, here it is, as we expected, after all the character posters and first-look images, the first trailer for Tina Gordon Chism’s We The Peeples – now titled Tyler Perry Presents Peeples – which stars Craig RobinsonDavid Alan GrierKerry WashingtonS. Epatha Merkerson, Melvin Van PeeblesDiahann Carroll, and Kali Hawk.

Lionsgate set the release date for May 10, 2013.

Produced by Tyler Perry, Stephanie Allain (also director of the Los Angeles Film Festival) and Paul Hall, the film centers on Robinson’s character, a young man enduring the weekend from hell when he surprises his girlfriend by showing up to meet her parents.

The full synopsis for Peeples reads:

Wade Walker is eager to propose to his girlfriend, Grace Peeples. But after a year of living together, the beautiful, successful Grace is still cagey about introducing average guy Wade to her ambitious, upper crust family. So when Grace leaves for an annual reunion at her parents’ swanky Sag Harbor compound, Wade decides to crash the gathering, charm his soon-to-be in-laws and slip a ring on Grace’s finger. However Wade’s plans go hilariously awry when he meets the high-powered, seemingly picture-perfect family who’ll do whatever it takes to keep up appearances. Wade soon finds himself caught in a web of white lies and comic dysfunction, and realizes that his only hope of ever marrying Grace means a take-no-prisoners face-off with Judge Peeples, Grace’s disapproving dad who won’t accept anything less than the very best for his favorite daughter.

Chism, who both wrote and directed the film, makes her feature directorial debut with this movie.

Lionsgate has released the first trailer which is embedded below. And let me just say that, while this looks like it could be entertaining, it really should’ve been released 2 years ago (the project was first announced in the summer of 2010), because after films like Jumping The BroomOur Family Wedding and other similar black marriage romcoms, based on the trailer below, it feels too much like been-there-done-that enough already. But I’ll see it:

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Yes, this movie looks terrible,and there will continue to be movies released for the target audience who sees in black and white(on both sides) who are commenting on this site. It is very sad that it is 2013 and this arguement reflects in film. It's obvious our culture isn't 'ready' for multicultural film. I admit I love romcoms, I just do not find Tyler Perry's type of humor that funny, very forced.


After seeing Django recently and comparing the two, this looks brillant!


Although this project is not fresh (at all), I'm excited that KW is getting more commercial roles. She really has what it takes for across-the-board appeal.


Looks funny and entertaining, rather see more films like this then a bunch of gun toting, drug dealing, gangster rapping crap shyt that goes STV.


Kinda like "Meet the Parents"?


Knock off of Meet the Parents. While I'm not surprised (this comes from the king of unoriginal, Mr. Tyler Perry), I'm disappointed. Come on, black folks are more original than this. I mean, I get tired of all the same old unoriginal white films like this that come out every year that I never spend a dime on (and occasionally watch via netflix). Shrugs. I might netflix this one, but I likely won't be paying to see it at the movies.

Mark and Darla

This remind me of deniro and stiller movie (meet the parents)


Looks too WAY too broad with some lame slapstick, but the trailer could be misleading. The real sign if it's possibly good is if they actually screen it to the media before it opens which they NEVER do (with the exception of Colored Girls) for anything with Tyler Perry's name on it


I love it! I agree, that is being a little negative. Why can other races have romcoms come out every season but we can't? This seems funny and like any race could play these characters…which is awesome. Hopefully this pulls a multicultural audience! I'll be watching!




Wow….this trailer is not exactly what I expected. The only time I truly laughed is when S. Epatha kept clutching the bottle. I have been waiting on this film's release, and I am super excited for Ms. Chism, but I really thought that this movie would be bringing something different to the table. Also, I am still trying to figure out who thought that Craig Robinson would be a good love interest for Kerry Washington. I understand that Craig is known of his comedic talents, but there has to be chemistry and a believable aspect to a romantic relationship on screen.


Why can't we just be happy that what appear to be quality films with folks of color are being made, even if there's been production delays? I mean, really, this site and the opinions on it seem to be growing more and more negative with each passing week. You're unhappy when "black" films aren't getting made. And you're unhappy when they are. Take a chill pill, give the benefit of a doubt sometimes, and wait until after you've seen something before you rip it to shreds.

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