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Watch: Nash Edgerton’s Gory and Hilarious Sundance Short ‘Bear’ Debuts VICE Shorts

Watch: Nash Edgerton's Gory and Hilarious Sundance Short 'Bear' Debuts VICE Shorts

The sort-of sequel to 2008’s popular short “Spider,” “Bear” sees Nash Edgerton team up with frequent collaborator David Michôd (Director of 2010’s acclaimed “Animal Kingdom”) and rising star Teresa Palmer (“Warm Bodies”). It was one of our 10 Shorts You Must See at Sundance, and if you missed it at the festival, here’s your chance to see why.

The gorily goofy 10 minute film about a birthday prank gone terribly wrong is the debut short from a new arm of VICE’s YouTube channel called VICE Shorts. New shorts will debut every Friday, and upcoming films include an impressive roster of up-and-coming talent like “Hesher” director Spencer Susser (another frequent Edgerton and Michôd collaborator) and music video director Ray Tintori.

Check out the short below:

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Wait…the people who commented below still thought Sundance was relevant before they watched this uninspired film? Um, there are thousands of talented filmmakers that will never have their worked screened because 1. They don't have a publicist 2. They're artists not business men/women 3. Sundance is establishment What planet have you been living on "Awful, No, and Eddie". Sundance has it's "darlings" that will get in no matter what garbage they produce. The remainder are studio premieres using the Sundance brand and disguising themselves as "indies". If you want independent film by an auteur go to a local video rental (if you have any left) and watch films from 70's – 90's. A generation that brought us the "genius" of Duplass brothers and Mumblecore is certainly doomed by it's own pathetic attempts at hipness. With exception to Beasts, gone are the days of indie mavericks. p.s. Beasts barley qualifies with the massive amount of establishment grants and finishing funds it was awarded.


Proof that Sundance and Redford have become as irrelevant as the establishment they once rebelled against. Gone are the days of promoting and screening unique and daring American Indie films. Sundance has been swallowed by bourgeois fools.


What exactly is "hilarious" about this? I'm not squeamish about cinematic violence, but this isn't even remotely darkly humorous, and I knew the moment that clambered down the rocks in the bear costume (!) and put the head back on he was going to get shot. So, it wasn't darkly humorous but predictable.


This is Sundance material? How many times will Nash Egerton make the same film with the same dumb twist ending. Indie film is dead and the magazines and festivals that used to support artists with voices that expanded our culture have settled for mediocrity. Banal.

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