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Watch: New Clip From ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ Plus Key & Peele Get Really Excited For The Sequel

Watch: New Clip From 'A Good Day To Die Hard' Plus Key & Peele Get Really Excited For The Sequel

If you haven’t made your plans for Valentine’s Day for your special someone, may we remind you that it’s less than 48 hours away, and if you want to get into somebody’s good books, you might want track down a reservation. But if you do manage to convince the special person in your life to go with you to the theater to see “A Good Day To Die Hard,” no one will be able to match the excitement of Key & Peele for the fifth entry in the franchise.

The comedy pair — Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele — have dropped a pretty amazing little sketch where they play two hotel bellhops who are fucking stoked to see the movie, and it’s pretty hilarious. There are too many one-off great lines here, but it’s a must watch. But before that here’s an actual clip from “A Good Day To Die Hard” in which John McClane and his son manage to outrun a stream of bullets being fired rapidly at an obscene speed into a building. Seriously, if you can’t kill this guy with a fucking helicopter with military grade weapons, just give up. (Also: Bruce Willis kinda runs funny.)

“A Good Day To Die Hard,” which doesn’t feature Urkel’s Dad like the first one, opens on Thursday.

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Can someone explain why more and more commenters are doing their little imdb edits on here (see * examples below) when the articles themselves feature the unedited words?

Bill Clay

And f*ck any and all "Die Hard" sequels!

Bill Clay

The only thing that is "pretty amazing" about that Key & Peele sketch is the dearth of actual laughs. That crap makes SNL look sophisticated by comparison.


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Wow, this looks very bad. Horrible CGI cityscape, horrible CGI gunfire, a focus-pulling error AND a crappy zoom. What the f*ck was the budget for this flick?

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