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Watch ‘Short’ – A Short Documentary About Being Short

Watch 'Short' - A Short Documentary About Being Short

Written, directed, and edited by Soji Oyinsan, check out this short doc about being short.

Moby "Lil Mo" Dikeh and her friends tell us what it feels like to be "Vertically Challenged."

It's longer than it needs to be to be effective, and could lose about 3 to 4 minutes; but, that aside, I dug it.


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So, Tall women won't date short men, and short women won't date short men. I don't understand why short women hate short men, how completely insecure and shallow. I feel sorry for someone who hate's their height so much they can't date someone of around the same size because they are reminded of their insecurity. I'm short and proud, I don't see cute I see superficial and insecure.

Soji Oyinsan

@ TAMBAY A. OBENSON – Thanks for posting this! and note taken (about the duration).
Thanks to all you guys for the comments. Glad you enjoyed it!


How cute! I can identify with her. I'm 4'10" and have a lot of the same issues. I also love tall men…like 6 feet or so. Sorry no shorties for me!


Very cute. The fact that its written, directed and edited by the same person is very cool. Love her style. I agree it's a tad long though…


nice production value and storytelling.


Loved it! Very wry sense of humor about one's self. If she directed and wrote this, then she has the talent to do other things if choses to do so in the realm of films.


Very charming, funny and creative, love it! And also like the camera work and cutaways for the talking head interview with her friend, I'm always looking for ways to present that type of footage. Great job.


Wish she'd brought something new to the table; and as an African immigrant, aren't there for pressing, less superficial, issues at which to direct her documentary's focus?
Sister's predilection for tall guys isn't odd at all: she hates her height, and thus hates a reminder of it in a potential mate or other short people she encounters.

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