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Watch: Supercut Of Every Best Picture Oscar Winner In History From ‘Wings’ To ‘The Artist’

Watch: Supercut Of Every Best Picture Oscar Winner In History From 'Wings' To 'The Artist'

The final alterations on the tuxedos and dresses are being made, speeches are written and party RSVPs are going out as this weekend Hollywood gets ready to celebrate their own with the Oscars. History will be made, and surprises and shocks will be in store on Sunday night, and while Oscar prognosticators continue to rally one final battle cry for their favorite films, let’s take a quick break from the noise.

Digital filmmaker/producer/editor Nelson Carvajal has put together a pretty quick 4 minute look at every Best Picture Oscar winner in history, from William A. Wellman‘s “Wings” in 1927 to Michel Hazanavicius‘ “The Artist” in 2012 (and in a nice bit of bookending, these are the only two silent features to ever take the big prize). It’s pretty fun sweep through cinema history, and if you’ve already caught up with this year’s contenders (who cap off the video), you might want to fill your Neflix queue with the winners from the past you might have missed. So sit back, and watch below. (The music is “November” by Max Richter, fyi).

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Maybe it's the music or all the clips of moments frozen in time, but I got goose bumps watching this! Thanks so much for inspiring me to watch all the movies that have ever won an Oscar for Best Picture; I'm sure that I will have no trouble getting several of my cinephile friends I work with at DISH to do the same. I'm adding all the Oscar winners to my Blockbuster @Home queue that I have through DISH like Wings, The Godfather, and Deer Hunter. They have over 15,000 titles for me to choose from so I don't have to search for the winners through other services that don’t have as large of a collection.


That Max Richter album is so clutch. The first song in the UK Prometheus trailer is from that too.


You're the man Kevin. Thanks for sharing my video.

I know, right?

Clips that should have been in…THE PIANIST and BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN


CHICAGO and CRASH, hahahah

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