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What? Juliette Binoche Grappling ‘Godzilla’

What? Juliette Binoche Grappling 'Godzilla'

When we spoke with Juliette Binoche at the Berlin International Film Festival, our conversation touched on directors she’s worked with like Michael Haneke, Anthony Minghella, Leos Carax, Abbas Kiarostami and Bruno Dumont (she stars in that director’s latest “Camille Claudel 1915“). But we suppose arthouse movies only pay so much, or perhaps she just wants a complete change of pace and a brand new experience, because the actress is now stepping into her first bonafide studio blockbuster.

Variety reports that Binoche — yes, Juliette Binoche — is in negotiations to join “Godzilla.” What. The. Fuck. That’s cool, but wow, something we just were not expecting at all. Anyway, plot details on Gareth Edwards’ movie are being kept secret for now, but the trade does note that Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen are also working out deals, though there is no mention of the previously linked Bryan Cranston. This isn’t the first time Binoche has been approached for a blockbuster — Steven Spielberg famously wanted her to lead “Jurassic Park,” but she turned it down to do Krzysztof Kieślowski‘s “Three Colors: Blue.” Hard to fault her there.

More Binoche is not a bad thing at all, but we’re still wrapping our heads around this a little bit. “Godzilla” is expected to stomp into theaters next year.

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I'm not a fan of blockbusters but I agree with SHANON, There's nothing wrong with that. She made so many amazing movies that I will watch her in anything, even a Godzilla remake.


She probably wants to experience working on a big film. There's nothing wrong with that, even if the film turns out to be bad. It's cool to do different things.


No mention of Dan in Real Life?


well shes not playing in fast and furious 10 or joining adam sandler on his new film , i think this film actually has a lot of potential ( i loved monsters so yeah i'm keeping fingers crossed this turns out to be a great film )

Will C

This is a positive. I think I remember rightly that Spielberg was courting her for the Ellie Satler role in Jurassic Park and she turned it down only because she didn't think that the character was strong enough, citing problems in the screenplay. She did Three Colours instead. Her signing on perhaps says something for the quality of the script?


You guys should write a piece on how every actor in Hollywood (seemingly) needs a franchise in their filmography. Who would have ever thought that Kate Winslet (!!) and Juliette Binoche (!!!) would need to be a part of franchises in today's Hollywood ecosystem? Times are changin'…


I don't think it's just Godzilla that's the attraction for her. It's Gareth Edwards.

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