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Who Should Play Them? ’70s Set David Bowie & Iggy Pop Biopic ‘Lust For Life’ In The Works

Who Should Play Them? '70s Set David Bowie & Iggy Pop Biopic 'Lust For Life' In The Works

While the ’70s were a musical stew of rock, glam, disco, punk and the early seeds of new wave and hip hop, there are few figures to emerge from the era who have endured quite like David Bowie and Iggy Pop. Together, they delivered some of the most iconic records of the era, and now someone wants to bring that story to the big screen.

Gabriel Range, the helmer behind the kinda gimmicky “Death Of A President,” will direct “Lust For Life” which puts Bowie and Pop front and center. Written by Robin French (the BBC comedy series “Cuckoo” starring Andy Samberg), the movie will zero in on the musicians’ fertile collaboratie period in West Berlin in the 1970s, where Bowie would help Pop write and records his albums The Idiot and Lust For Life (Pop would reciprocate by appearing on Bowie’s Low). The books “Starman: David Bowie” and “Open Up and Bleed: Iggy Pop” were used to help guide the screenplay, and undoubtedly it’s a great musical story.

But the biggest stumbling block will be casting the two iconic leads (any suggestions?), and we’d imagine licensing the music will be difficult and/or expensive to do. But, regardless, we’re definitely curious of these two fascinating, creative artists arguably at the height of their powers. The movie has some funding in place and will be hawked in front of buyers at the European Film Market this week where we’re sure it will get some attention. [THR]

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josette lacy

Robert Pattinson should play David Bowie!!!!! i saw a striking resemblance when I recently saw a documentary about David Bowie art in a 5 year span.




Joel Kinnaman & Paul Dano


Nicholas Hoult to play Bowie
Jake Gyllenhall to play Iggy

Major Tom

I hope this is authorised, otherwise it'll just turn into another Velvet Goldmine. Anyway, didn't Screen announce a BFI supported "Bowie in Berlin" doc a couple of years ago – with Grant Gee (who made the wonderful Joy Division and Radiohead docs) directing? And Wim Wenders part of the producing team?


I love Tilda, and she would be a brave choice, but I wouldn't mind Eddie Redmayne as Bowie, and Tom Hiddleston or Jake Gyllenhaal for Iggy. I know they're a stretch but I think they could both pull it off too.


I could see Garrett Hedlund as a young Iggy Pop. Tilda for Bowie all the way. Been saying that for years.


What's the point of making this if there's already a Velvet Goldmine?


Dane DeHaan should be the only choice to play a young David Bowie. Just fucking look at that kid.


This is so easy. Benedict Cumberbatch should portray David Bowie , and Jared Leto as Iggy Pop. These guys even favor these musicians.

Ray H

Based on that photo and with a consideration for age, Nicholas Hoult as Bowie and Joe Anderson as Iggy Pop. Dunno if either have the talent to pull it off and both are too tall (but perfect heightwise relative to one another). Possibly Domhnall Gleeson for Bowie if you want to accentuate his oddness.


David Bowie = Tilda Swinton or Michael Fassbender
Iggy Pop = Sascha Baron Cohen



Sadly, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Ewan McGregor are too old to play Bowie and Iggy now.


Joaquin Phoenix (Iggy) and Michael Sheen (Bowie).


Tilda Swinton should play Bowie and I'm not remotely kidding.


Dane is Bowie. Leto is Iggy.

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