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A Kickstarter Campaign To Fund A ‘Girlfriends’ Movie? Mara Brock Akil Considers The Idea…

A Kickstarter Campaign To Fund A 'Girlfriends' Movie? Mara Brock Akil Considers The Idea...

The above is a tweet from Mara Brock Akil early this morning (7:36am/EST to be exact), very likely inspired by the unprecedented success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign I ruminated on yesterday. By the way, in 24 hours, that campaign has raised more than $3.1 million – with 29 days still to go in the campaign. If contributions continue at this rate, who knows what the end tally will be? You’d figure that, at some point, the pace at which contributions are being made will start to slow down. Although, when the series was on TV, it was averaging 2.5 million viewers. As of this post, 47,000 people have contributed to the Kickstarter campaign; so, there’s still lots of upside potential.

But back to Mara Brock Akil’s tweet… I actually didn’t even know about it until this evening, when actress Reagan Gomez mentioned it a number of times on my Twitter feed. Naturally, I had to follow the conversations which led me back to Mara’s tweet at 7:36 in the morning.

She actually doesn’t have a lot of followers – around 1,200 (although the Akil Productions Twitter account, which is obviously separate, does) – so it doesn’t look like the Tweet really traveled, and I’m guessing a lot of folks (like myself) weren’t aware of it. 

But if you’re reading this, now you know.

So, if you want to see a Girlfriends movie (which Mara created), and you would definitely contribute to a Girlfriends Kickstarter campaign (like those rabid Veronica Mars fans did), follow Mara on Twitter, if you’re not already, and tell her that (). And also *like* the Akil Productions Facebook page.

I assume she’s serious about this, and it’s not just a stunt. I checked her Twitter page, and she hasn’t retracted since the above post last night. So I assume if the news of her announcement goes viral, and she receives a healthy number of responses in support of a film and crowd-funding campaign, then she’ll act.

Girlfriends averaged around 4 million viewers in its early seasons, and ended with around 2 million viewers before it went off the sir. So its fan-base is really just about the same size as the Veronica Mars fan-base. The question of course is whether fans of Girlfriends want to see a feature film based on the TV series, and its characters…

And if not Girlfriends, what would you like to see revived and would contribute to?

As of this post, there were 93 retweets of Mara’s tweet. I expect that number (which you can watch above) to suddenly start to rise once this news spreads… we’ll see.

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It would be weave-tastic! Thanks, but I'll put my money towards other projects.

I'll Say It Again

I said this on Tambay's previous post about V. Mars, and from the comments, here my unscientific observational survey is, somewhat, correct. Crowdfunding working for black movies will be tricky because we're a much more fickle, less cohesive audience when it comes to supporting these types of ventures. And we don't have the discretionary $$$ to spend on folly such as this. … And I agree with other posters, The Akils have $$$, they're just jumpin' on the bandwagon. Additionally, although some posters said they were fans I'm guessing that a large majority of the audience for girlfriends aren't aware of Kickstarter, so the conversation is really a non-starter, when it comes to them.

Dave Smiley from Wheeling, W. Virginia

Why would we be surprised that the Akils are jumping onto the Kickstarter bandwagon? The Akils have already funded their big, fancy home and their kids private school/college funds off the backs of poor folks, marketing a sub-par product to a people over-eager to see "positive" black images. Aaanyway, I do hope they find the money to create a proper series finale, the last episode left so many unanswered questions!


I would love to see a proper ending to Girlfriends. I was a fan from the beginning. However, why does AKIL Production need funding for this project. I think that they have enough money to fund there own projects. The movie does not need to go mainstream. A made for tv movie would suffice.


I would definitely like to see the series wrapped properly. I think it needs to wrap on television, i.e. a two hour movie or three 1 hour mini series pieces on a network such as TV One.

My question is, what will the incentives be? DVDs of the movie if you give $20? The Akils need to be brainstorming about this sort of thing, because off the top I don't see great incentives in return for the money, unless they are going to promise something such as a fan Skype chat with Tracee Ellis Ross or Jill Marie Jones, etc.


No, I'm not supporting this fundraising. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other crowd funding sites are for individuals, who without these options, would not be able to make their dreams, creativity, and innovations a reality. These people have money, stop playing and fund your own film.


I wonder would the Akils consider slicing off public shares of the gross profits? So we could all own a piece of the pie in exchange for contributing ingredients.


Not feeling the idea. Might tune in for a Sunday night TV movie, but I definitely wouldn't go to the theater to see it. I lost interest around the time Toni fell in love with the doctor, and basically stopped watching altogether around the time she exited.


I'll support it, but only if they guarantee that Khalil Cain won't be reprising his role. I can't stand that dude.


I enjoyed the show and thought it deserved a proper sendoff. That said, I'm going to stick to throwing $20 to artists who actually NEED the cash and opportunities.


" very likely inspired by the unprecedented success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign I ruminated on yesterday"

That may be true… HOWEVER… I smell a deeper flavor in this hen house. Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor, but this smells like the rich are begging and stealing from the poor. That seems to be the new trend.

But lets say this is not motivated by a wolf in sheep's clothing. A peek behind the screen might reveal an interesting fact… or two.

Yesterday, with little money in my pockets, I was encouraged to plunk down a few quaters to watch Oz the Great and Powerful. I loved the original Wizard of Oz, and The Wiz is dear to my heart. So the mention of anything "Oz" related had my nose wide open. But lord have mercy, a slooooow and boooooooorrring love story paled in comparison to the previous versions. Yep, that's what I said… the Wizard of Oz was turned into a boring ass love story. No, I am not talking about Dorothy falling in love with anybody. In fact, there was no Dorothy character in the film. I'm talking about the Wizard winking and blinking at two of the witches. Yep, ol' Wiz actually swapped spit with two of the wicked witches (one wins his heart). And, to make matter worse, Toto was replaced by a flying monkey. No, not the monkey "O-Ee-Yah! Eoh-Ah!" guards of the original Oz, but a 3 foot flying monkey (wearing a porter's hat) was a companion on this yellow brick road.

But back to Girlfriends and these new wizards. When I pull back the curtain, I don't see Richard Pryor nor a gray haired white guy, I see the Akils. So it behooves me to find the inner working of the original series.

In the history of the show's entire 172 episodes, 22 writers and 16 directors received credits. Salim Akil (everyone's favorite) directed 13 episodes. His wife, Mara, received writing credits on 31 episodes. So before we put our lean money in the pockets of fat cats, wouldn't it be wise to see the whole picture?

I'd be interested to know who would pen the script and who would sit in the directors chair? That new "Oz the Great and Pitiful" broke me of letting my past emotions control my dollars. And I still don't understand why rich folks, ask poor folks for some of their scratch?


"Even the fat chick who played Jill Marie Jones' sister"–>REALLY, Winston? How old are we now?


Forget that. Can we just get these talented women working on a regular basis again? If they keep doing 'Girlfriends'-related projects, they'll be typecast forever. That series wasn't exactly groundbreaking, but it allowed us to observe the blossoming of 4 special actresses. Why is it that they aren't doing good TV anymore? Even the fat chick who played Jill Marie Jones' sister is a regular on a major network now. Why aren't these women ever considered for roles on shows like 'Scandal', 'The Good Wife', or similar programs? We have to let 'Girlfriends' go, otherwise that's where they'll remain forever.


I would put some paper down to support this. I miss this show.


Oh my goodness, I was just thinking about this. I would love to see a Girlfriends movie!!! I hope this campaign gets started and is successful.

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