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A Majestic Lenny Kravitz In New Official Capital Portrait As Cinna In ‘Catching Fire’

A Majestic Lenny Kravitz In New Official Capital Portrait As Cinna In 'Catching Fire'

The first Hunger Games movie did absolutely nothing for
me! The hype skipped me. Then again, I suppose I’m not in the film’s
target audience, so I won’t exactly be in any hurry to see the second
film in the mega-successful franchise – Catching Fire; even if I take into account the fact that it has more actors of African descent in it than the first movie did. 

Those folks include: Meta Golding playing Enobaria, Maria Howell as Seeder, E. Roger Mitchell as Chaff, Jeffrey Wright as Beetee, and Lenny Kravitz returning as Cinna.

Did I miss any others?

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits theaters November 22, and the marketing campaign is in full-swing, with the release of character posters (official Capitol Portraits as they’re referred to) for key characters from the movie, including this one that surfaced this evening, featuring Kravitz as Cinna:

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Justin W

Ugh, I still need to catch up with the first one. I heard mix things about it.


I'm really looking forward to this. I always think that the first movie in a planned series plays it too safe. The Hunger Games novel had a lot more grit and realism, particularly Josh Hutcherson's character, than was included in the movie. I think with the next one they will, hopefully, stick more to story in the book. Which will be much harder to tone down.


Looks like "Rick Owens" boots…Nice

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