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Actress Janet Hubert Pens Inflammatory Open Letter To Wendy Williams RE ‘Fresh Prince’

Actress Janet Hubert Pens Inflammatory Open Letter To Wendy Williams RE 'Fresh Prince'

Normally, I’d skip over stuff like this, but it’s Friday… and we have covered the Janet Hubert/Fresh Prince of Bel Air controversy before.

I think we are all somewhat familiar with the public battle between Janet HubertWill Smith and NBC, that led to the recasting of the role of Aunt Vivian, in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s fourth season, in the mid-1990s.

And given that she continues to talk about it, it’s clear that Janet Hubert is still very much, shall we say, pissed off about the incident.

You may recall about 3 years ago in her appearance in TV One’s series titled Life After, in which Hubert aimed to set the record straight about that entire occurrence; in it she was clearly still upset about it all, and angry at Big Willie.

Fast-forward to late 2011, when, Hubert, in an interview about whether she’d be up for a Fresh Prince reunion (there were rumors of one at the time), said that she wasn’t at all interested in a reunion of any kind, stating, “There will never be a reunion … as I will never do anything with an asshole like Will Smith... He is still an egomaniac and has not grown up. This constant reunion thing will never ever happen in my lifetime unless there is an apology, which he doesn’t know the word.

Well then… I suppose if this reunion ever happens, they’ll be looking to Daphne Maxwell Reid, who took over for Hubert after she left the series.

But really, what the fuck is going on here? This is a really long time to hold a grudge; but I wasn’t there, and I don’t know exactly how things happened, so I’m probably not in any position to offer commentary. Obviously Will doesn’t seem to feel like he did anything wrong, unless he is “an egomaniac and has not grown up” as she states; otherwise I’d like to think that he would have apologized if he felt he was in the wrong, and moved on.


Skip ahead to yesterday, when Hubert took to the airwaves (BlogTalkRadio), but this time, speaking out against Wendy Williams. Why? Well, on Williams’ talk-show yesterday morning, she had Fresh Prince co-star Tatyana Ali, on as a guest. And during her conversation with Ms Ali, Williams, as she can be expected to do, poked and prodded Ali to dish on why Janet Hubert left the show in 1993.

Of course, Tatyana is no gossiper, so she kept her answers very clean and professional, as she should have.

And in response, almost immediately, Janet Hubert penned this lengthy open letter to Wendy Williams, which she read in full on her BlogTalkRadio program, Speak, Own It, calling her a demon, wicked, awful, spiteful, and much more. 

It’s actually quite inflammatory. 

My guess is that Hubert (who has gone after Williams in the past), knows that all these public outbursts must be favorable to her career, in the sense that it keeps her name in the news (several major industry sites picked up the story, including The Hollywood Reporter and others). I didn’t even know that she had a podcast show on BlogTalkRadio, and I’d guess that many of you didn’t either. But now, I’m sure the size of her listenership will see a sudden boost.

The only thing that this is setting us up for, really, is Wendy having Janet on her talk-show. I’m sure that’ll be a ratings coup.

Anyway, here’s the letter she penned, transcribed by NecoleBitchie:

Dear Wiggy, I’m sorry, Wendy,

Recently, you found the need to put an end to the mystery surrounding my departure from a show that I did so damn long ago that I don’t even remember why I departed.

Wendy Williams, or whatever you are supposed to be, I’m not quite sure. I’m writing you yet again, to appeal to your sense of womanhood or manhood as some suggest. Please close your mouth about things that you know nothing of.

Now, I watched your show to see dear Tatyana Ali sadly to say, fall into your trap. She even brought pictures of our days on the show from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. You know most people watch you just to see what heinous things your mouth will say compared to what an overflowing volcano will spew forth on that day.

Now perhaps other black women have allowed you to berate them and continued to support you in this manner of madness and rewarding hatefulness. It seems to become the norm and has taken over our society completely. But I, Janet Hubert, at there and watched you tell the world that I was not a nice mother. I’m thinking to myself, the only person who has the right to say that is my child. So I sat there and watched you like some devilish sinkhole swallow up Tatyana Ali. You reduced her to a child sitting their tempting to keep some symbolism of dignity about her as you pried and invaded her life until you got what you wanted.

You are such a demon Wendy. You are wicked, awful, conniving, sinister, spiteful, jealous of every other woman. Simply put, Wendy you are a virus. You are not nor have you ever been a true woman. It seems as though your audience thirsts for the blood of others, as they are prompted to clap and hoop and holler at your shows and wigs and clothes.

Girl you will have some stars on your show and demean them before they even make it back home. I just would like to know who died and told you that you were reborn as Oprah. You want to be Oprah so bad that you would kill for it and you will kill anyone to achieve success. Sister, you will never be another Oprah. Oprah lifted her audience up and exuded an air of class.

But you know what Wendy, you are not even in my league. It is so beneath me to even bother with someone like you, but you asked for it. Didn’t nobody tell you to say my name on your show? You will not destroy all of the hard work that I went through for the last decade to clear my good name. I simply will not allow you to do so. I’m a lady and a real one. Wendy girlfriend you just messed with the wrong sista.

Now it’s funny for all that you and the world claim that I’ve done, I should have my own show like you. Darling there is nothing that I could have ever done in this lifetime in my career that would equal the vulgarity and ugliness and hatred that you spew on your show in one single day.

So, here is my advice to you Wendy. I want to help you. Learn to sit in a chair and stop fidgeting with yourself on camera. Wipe your giant teeth off camera, and don’t smear the spit on the chair. Please put some sweat pits under your arms, and darling if your sweater is pulling until there are lines across your chest, its too tight. You might want to deflate those tremendous breast. Take off the fake blonde hair. You have to stop playing the race card because you are coming off like a want to be white girl who will never be white.

Now, I have never seen anything besides hogs slobber at the mere mention of food, so I question your humanism at times. I have never seen a display of such self-hatred.

Just a couple more suggestions for you, please would you stop dissing all of us who’ve embraced our natural hair as many others and I have? And yes Wendy natural hair does belong on the red carpet whether you like it or not.

I kind of feel sorry for you. You sit there on your big-footed tacky throne everyday while millions of people are laughing at you not with you. There is a big difference. Nobody cares about what you think about his or her lives. But we do care about what you put out there about us. My heart saddens that women, especially black women, have embraced her evil after all of our struggles in society. You and your kind have set us back a hundred years or so. How dare you chastise anyone when you are such a travesty?

Now take that, chew it my dear and stick it on your lord have mercy you are disgusting fly ridden gum wall. And that’s the advice I have for you my sister.


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No one's stated the obvious here… she looks like a psycho-bitch in this photo. just sayin'


All I can say is, "Damn." If she can write like that and make you feel like crap, then I would hate to see her face to face. Lol.


I just so happened to run into will smith on two separate occasions. On both occasions, this "egomaniac" seemed incredibly kind and polite. Much to kind and polite to be in his shoes I thought. One time was at the million man march, where he (and mike bivens from new edition) spoke to everybody who talked to him (a lot of people)…….. And the other occasion was quite interesting. One morning, when maws driving to work, will smith was on the radio (v-103) in Atlanta explaining what took place on the show. I thought it was rather interesting that he did not say anything bad about this woman (who obviously has a lot of hate in her heart). I arrived a work before the interview was over unfortunately. I just happened to work at the hotel where will smith was staying. About an hour later, by chance, will smith had walked right past me in the hallway. I took t pin myself to just tell him that I did not hear what he was going to say and he politely told me the entire story all over again. Di he have to do his for a complete stranger? No! What was even more cool I thought, was that he music writer for the Atlanta journal constriction was right there waiting for her interview and she waited for him to finish talking to me which lasted about (15/20) min. I respect him a lot for being down to earth, and also having enough confidence and courage to speak his mind. I absolutely do not see or experience any arrogance or ugliness. I believe him to be a really cool dude. And the evidence is this, look at the spiteful way she communicates and the gentle way he communicates. It's not what we believe, it's how we behave. Wendy Williams is an entire different beast. Everybody knows she is a monster that sells garbage, like most of black radio and tv….garbage.


' It is so beneath me to even bother with someone like you,' Jeez, I wonder how low she would have gone if she had er bothered 'with someone like' Wendy.


Since reading this post I've actually seen the interview Williams did with Ali. Here it is for those of you curious:

I also commented on another thread about this so I'll just repeat it here–
"I don't get it. While I'm no particular fan of Wendy Williams (meaning I've never once seen her show nor care to), I did watch the clip attached to the article and I really don't see the issue that caused Ms. Hubert to flame like this. All Williams did was ask Ali a question that many of us have had. Ali answered respectfully and Williams didn't press. It was over. End of story. So why did Hubert make such a stink. (And that was a stink. Pure nasty.) It makes me think that maybe she really WAS responsible for the bad blood on Fresh Prince after all. It was almost 20 years ago and the heat should have cooled some by now. Obviously for her it has not."

We most certainly need more working black actresses in TV and Film–especially of the darker skinned persuasion. Some egos need to be put aside and keep the bigger picture in focus, for reals.


Uh Oh, aunt Viv sure is mad!!! By the way, Hubert is the one who went to the media to bad mouth Will Smith and blamed him for smearing her name. ACTUALLY everybody remembers (except for you) why you departed and how you couldn't be the star of the show, so you left!
I also saw the Wendy Williams episode, I thought Tatiana ali was very child starish goofy and just laughed when Wendy said you were evil! I guess Wendy was trying to get to the truth! But Tatiana didn't want to get in trouble with you so she nervously laughed it off!


Wow! One mad black woman!


Wow Janet really told off Wendy Williams and I agree with her! Wendy talks a lot about race yet this lady is so hypocritical wearing her blonde weave, having multiple cosmetic surgeries to look more European.


Hello to Earth and for all of you telling this lady to "move on". Ask yourselves a question. Who else from the Fresh Prince became a star after the show? NO ONE. I find it hard to believe that Janet's story doesn't have truth behind it. Aunt Viv was well loved on the show and I liked her way more than Will b/c Will was corny and we had Martin on TV for real comedy.

All of the stars from Fresh Prince seem messed up. Carlton disappeared for a long time, Ali, Karyn Parsons et al. careers never really took off. I'm not saying that this is all Will's fault, but to me Will has some secrets in the closet about his personality and Janet wasn't having it. In the end the truth will come out.

On a great note Janet WENT IN on Wendy and read her harder than anyone read I have ever read before! That lady needs an Oscar and Emmy for that…LMAO.


Besides "Aunt Viv" and "Lionel Jefferson" can anyone think of characters from Black tv shows that have been played by different actors/actresses….regular characters that is.


I just had to comment on here for the first time. Janet Hubert seriously needs move on with her life. Whatever Will Smith did or didn't do, I don't know because I wasn't there, she needs to let go and move on. Janet Hubert, this planet is filled with billions of people experiencing hardships and mistreatment, your tell of woe is nothing unique or special. Do yourself a favor and get over yourself. Better yet, try to make the world a better please by helping others who are a lot worse off than you.

Ronald T. Jones

Will Smith contracted a cabal of vicious space aliens to kidnap Janet Hubert and take her to the planet Zargon! After subduing the aliens and escaping, Janet discovered that Will was responsible for her predicament and subsequently tried to incinerate him with an anti-matter plasma projector. Will barely avoided incineration and in revenge orchestrated Janet's dismissal from the show.

True story.




Wendy, stepped on the wrong toes this time.


Wendy williams has been known too step on toes i'm surprised she hasnt been shot at ,at this point.It makes sense that will smith is a egomaniac theres no surprise there ,anyone who's seen any of his interviews could see that.I feel bad for this janet woman at the same time ,she should learn too move on.This was a long time ago ,im sure shes still seeing residuals off the reruns of the fresh prince.Everybody else has moved on and worked on their careers and made something of themselves.She should of learned to do the same thing negativity gets you no where.


Sad, but this ain't about that. How many more examples of divide and conquer can we take? Can we laugh at? Can we exploit? How does spotlighting this trite bs move us forward? The question should be focused not only on how we get more black women in films and tv in general but also how can we get more of our darker skinned talented black women such as Janet Hubert back in film and tv? It's our loss that we haven't had the opportunity to appreciate more of her grace and talent throughout the years. This ain't a Basketball Wives episode this is about a talented actress who feels the need to constantly defend her career and reputation and a life long gossip monger with nothing to do but talk shit. It's not funny it's sad that Wendy Williams just won't quit and that Janet Hubert would write such a degrading letter in response. Did we ever leave the plantation? Did we ever leave massa's middle school? I mean, really. It's also sad that we're exploiting the situation even more and for what reason? Because we can? Aren't there gossip sites for that? Where is the sense of responsibility? I mean, what won't people post about? Social media is outta hand and it's SAD, man. Society throws black people in the ring and says now let's watch 'em tear their worthless pieces of asses to shreds while we eat popcorn, laugh, say oh shiiiiiiit my nigga did you see that bitch just get her heart pulled out her chest and then we clap till our hands hurt and then click the next stupid link. Anybody ever read the opening scene to Ellison's, Invisible Man with the boys in the boxing ring? Of course, this is Shadow And Act, right?


Wendy comments aside…Will Smith's been in the biz a while now so I gotta ask, why is she the only one who seems to have a beef with Will? And actors get fired all the time for all sorts of reasons; the relatively small size of the biz makes it good sense to shut up and move on. Janet Hubert's biggest problem is she thought because of her more lengthy experience as an actor, she was a star but the show was called: The Fresh Prince of Bellair not the Aunt of Bellair.

The Truth Is

Janet & Will had an affair that ended badly. She paid for it with her career.


old news

those from metro nyc area know about ww from her radio days

she's the godmother of the angry weave gossip blogs/shows/mags

cooning has paid offf for her, apparently she has a lot of fans/viewers

I get her schitck/gimmick……appealling to lowest common denominator and talking about people

if she wasn't so meanspirited, she would be able to get celebs to laugh AT themselves,
but if she didn't look the way she looks, perhaps she wouldn't be so mean spirited.

coon on..


****** Part 2 ****** The problem may have been that Will's refusal to learn from someone in a position to provide valuable insight into the craft. Janet OWNED that role. It was hers. Daphne was but a shadow (no shade/pun intended…it just wasn't her role). I could see 20-something Will refusing to humble himself and acknowledge that there is so much he doesn't know. He was back to making the big dollars again and had no time for learning. As a result, he hasn't grown as an actor. Given all his BS talk about spirituality and positive thinking, I'm surprised Big Willy hasn't reached out to her to have a proper conversation now that he's a grown man in his 40s. He's not a generous person and has BARELY done sh*t to help other black folks get a foot in the industry…even when he was at the height of his career. Will and Jada have gotten in so deep with Hollyweird, it's quite a sight to behold. I believe Will was THE main culprit (albeit not the first) in the mess that we have today where all these rappers are seriously considering themselves thespians without even attending a single actors' workshop. As for Wendy, she is just another trash tabloid host. That is nothing new. It truly isn't productive to get mad at someone that pathetic. I do wish Janet could get involved in some solid work that will display her talents. This anger is getting her nowhere.


I would like to preface my comment by saying that I wish I wasn't so ride-or-die teamauntviv, but I am. I CANNOT help it. This woman is grace personified (despite the display of anger presented over this issue). We all know Will as the corny, megawatt-smiling-at-latest-blockbuster Big Willy, but what if there's more to his personality. What really happened behind the scenes? Janet always appeared sane to me, but after the nasty firing, this woman was left deeply wounded. Remember, Will was an-over-the-top, immature, bubble-gum-rapping goofy fool (well…little has changed) who was still recovering from bankruptcy and on the brink of a divorce! He was probably feeling the insecurity of that mess. Clearly, I don't doubt his dedication and stamina to survive this biz; however, he is NOT a talented thespian. He gets the job done and he's a blockbuster blockhead, but he does not possess the mastery of the craft like Janet does. He even admitted himself that his skills are below par (in general, not in comparison to Janet). Every single time he tries to stretch beyond that comfort zone, his performance is forced and unpleasant. I can see him getting under Janet's skin.


My post isn't showing up…will try again.


Janet's hair is very pretty.


It seems Wendy brings this out of everybody. But Janet is portraying herself as an angry Black woman. They are both sad, in my opinion.


Why must WE stay with each other, we play the part will they pull the strings for $$$$ there GOD!!! UNITY WILL SET US FREE AND GAIN RESPECT FOR US WORLD WIDE!!! Can You Imange a United States of Africa BLACK PEPOLE WAKE UP!!!!!


Well, Wendy had that coming. Its not like she is the most classy interviewer. But I feel bad for Janet. She is a talented dancer and artist. I would love to hear about her accomplishments over the last couple of years rather than this. She must have been hurt very deeply since she can't move on from what happened 20 years ago. But this is a reflection on PEOPLE. Not black women. Its ridiculous if people are going to say sexist things about black women based off of her experience. Oh right, she's just bitter…because we all know how black women can get. And right, she's crazy because that's how black women are. There are a lot of people that hold grudges for years. But I'll let Janet be a human and own her feelings. I just that one day we will hear about the positive things that are happening to her.


You gotta admit she said things out loud that people are been saying about Williams behind closed doors among their friends


WOW! As Mel Blanc's Looney Tunes character the goofy hound dog said "Which way did he go George?"

I mean, here we have a couple of heavyweight combatants going toe-to-toe, so which way should we go? Who has the most valid "complaint" and who are y'all riding with?

Heck, in one corner there stands a woman, who some say is really a man — or used to be a man, who's pandering for viewers. In the other corner, all dressed up and no where to go, stands a disgruntled employee who some say is fishing for her own pot of gold at the end of her rainbow. I don't know if any of that mess (i.e., Transgender & garden variety "Angry Black Woman" ) has anything to do with this new Rumble in the Jungle, but I have a few thoughts.

I think this is an overblown case of Heavy D's The Overweight Lovers Are In The House:

"Sittin in my room with my smokin' jacket on, the fireplace is burning and the girlies are gettin' it on. She'll stomp her like a roach if she tries to approach. "I'm the host with the most and she can kiss my ass, I'll diss, crack and smack her like she's thin glass. "OH YEAH?" You can't get close cause I'm the one who WROTE this open letter cuttin' yo nasty throat. The Book of Romance, so come on take a chance, you don't need a long look, all you need is a glance if you wanna get warm, in my ARMS you belong. You have a problem, I'll solve 'em, nothin' can go wrong – when the Overweight Lovers are in the house!"

So y'all can jump on either side, but those are my thoughts and story – and I'm sticking to 'em.

Five Guys Taste Like Cotton Candy

Black women…


You got a lotta nerve homeboy.
And you think asskisssing black celebrities will help YOUR Career??

They don't give a fuck about you or any of us.



WOWOWOWOWOW! I totally did NOT see this coming. For the record, I think that whatever money I'm assuming they were spewing over back then, they should have obliged because she was PERFECT. I stopped watching, lost interest after the other cast member took her place (no offense). I just loved Will's Aunt Vivian. Anywho, this is personal. Forget ratings, Janet is in her feelings. HOWEVER, a lot of what she said was true. I don't think her anger is random though. I hope she finds the peace and restitution she believes she deserves.


W-O-W… Holy unhappiness, Batman!


Ok this confirms it…she is crazy as hell.


Whoa … Dayuuummnn …


I feel sorry for Janet Hubert as she's caught up in a trap of her own making. This is what happens when you don't let things go. You become caught up in the offense and you simply cannot move forward because you're so blinded by unforgiveness and in Ms. Hubert's case, rage.

Now she's on her BlogTalkRadio PODCAST talking writing letters to Wendy Williams who has her own syndicated talk show. Say what you want but Ms. Hubert made herself look quite ridiculous and apparently, SHE'S the one who needs to grow up.


She's so bitter i wonder if she's either cut out of or getting shortchanged in "Fresh Prince" royalties.


OMG did she Tell Wendy off YES YES

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