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‘American Idol’s’ Ratings Hit An All Time Low

'American Idol's' Ratings Hit An All Time Low

So like remember how adding Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj as judges was going to give Fox TV’s American Idol a badly need boost in the ratings? Well if it wasn’t working when the season began it sure ain’t working now.

This Weds the show pulled in 13.1 million viewers. That may sound like a lot, but it isn’t when you consider that that is the lowest number of viewers ever in the show’s history since it first came on the air in June 2002.

That year the program’s first show premiered to just under 10 million viewers but steadily increased  throughout the season with the final show pulling in over 23 million watchers.

After that the sky was the limit with the show averaging some 30 million viewers a season and hitting a high of 37 million in 2007 for the opening show that year.

However, starting in 2011, numbers began to noticably drop and this season AI premiered to 17.1 million viewers the lowest number since the 2002 premiere. Now with the Weds show hitting an all time low Fox programmers must be sweating bullets since it’s unlikely at this point that the numbers are going to get any better now or in the future.

So why are people turning out? Is it Nicki? Is it Mariah? It is cornball Randy? Is it that country dude whoever he is? Is it because Simon and Paula aren’t there any more? 

Or is it just simply because the show is tired? Nothing stays popular forever and AI’s glory days are long past.

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Urban and Jackson are trying to be young and cool but are actually too old, seriously out of touch and boring as hell.


3 reasons i tuned out 1. Bad role model for a judge on a family program 2. AI goes out of its way to promote gay people 3. young teens girls have too much influence on who wins(they vote more on looks than voice)


I am a born-again christian, so I dont want to speak badly about peple. But I am not a fan of Nicki, at all. She has some songs I like, but I'm not digging her on the show :(


Nicki Minaj's speaking voice is like broken glass on a chalkboard amplified by a megaphone with feedback.


I like Keith, Mariah and Randy. I truly believe that Nicki is the reason that people are tuning out. She hit the ground running with a "feud" with Mariah, and Nicki has released what, 1.5 albums? Nicki has not paid enough dues to work in this type of role.


I think it's because Randy Jackson's name is not really big enough. Even back in the days when Simon and Paula were there, he didn't really have a presence. Paula was all loving and stuff and Simon was a harsh judge but Randy was just there and frankly I didn't care for his opinions. They should just change the format of the show because with X factor and The Voice, it is hard to compete with shows that have celebrity coaches. With American Idol, they sort of let the contestants up in air and judges are just there to judge which is fine but I think people would want to be coached, not just judged. And they cut down from like 40 to 20 to 12 or something very quickly. Why bother showing some of them?


I gave up on American Idol years ago. So many talented people of color and year after year some mediocre teenybopper heartthrob wins the show. I don't think it's really the judges, I think people realize that no matter how talented a contestant is on the show, some bland white boy will win.


Nicki is a no talent talent judge?! not to mention annoying. Mariah is capital B.O.R.I.N.G. No one cares about your stupid judges. I think Keith is nice but this show makes him an innocent bystander in looking stupid. Randy is randy. Who picked these judges needs to be fired!


As soon as I heard Nicki Minaj was going to judge other people's talent, I was out.

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