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Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ Sets Fall 2014 Release Date

Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' Sets Fall 2014 Release Date

So much for those Justice League” godfather rumors we hope? As you might remember, Christopher Nolan kicked off the year with some exciting news that he was lining up his next project, a sci-fi film entitled “Interstellar.” Well, just like that, the movie has a release date and it looks like it won’t be too long before Nolan delivers another multiplex spectacle.

Warner Bros. and Paramount are teaming up to produce and release “Interstellar” on November 7, 2014. The project has a script from his longtime collaborator and brother Jonathan Nolan and will deal with time travel and alternate dimensions, telling the story of a group of explorers who go through a wormhole. Earning its sci-fi bona fides, the film was developed by theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, and has actually been brewing for years. In fact, Steven Spielberg was once attached to direct. However, Nolan is using that old script, combining it with an original idea of his own, and giving it a rewrite, so it will be interesting to see the twist he puts on what sounds like a hella ambitious movie.

Just the fact that Warner Bros. and Paramount are teaming up suggests this is gonna be big. We can only guess that Nolan will want to use practical effects over CGI as usual, which usually requires more money, manpower and that kind of thing. Paramount will get the domestic rights to the movie, while WB will take “Interstellar” international. So strap in: 18 months or so of speculation, rumor and more begins here. Now the big question: who from Nolan’s roster of regular players will be back on board? Just remember, Michael Caine has already said he’s in it.

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I'm hoping for Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman. That's it. The rest of the cast should be fresh!

Webster Skyhorse

Alright. He's proven himself again and again by making money for his partners. Now Nolan and his bro NEED to stand up to studio notes about "clarity" — not every major event or sequence of events needs to be compressed into a sweeping montage followed by a character reiterating what just took place. Maybe it helps for markets abroad, because I guess studios assume those viewers can't follow more intricate plotting without regular recaps, but it makes the films bloated and unpleasant.


I see Cillian Murphy and Caine maybe Hugh Jackman(Nolan said he wanted to work again with him)
I guess it's over for Bale and Hardy (Hardy must do Animal Rescue and Child 44 before the end of the year and Bale starts David O Russel's Abscam movie soon before Everest this autumn)

Mr Fist

I'm intrigued as to who will be Nolan's photographer, seeing how Wally Pfister has moved to directing his own films now.

oogle monster

Will this finally earn him a director nom and more importantly can he win? YES YES YES



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