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Consider ‘Ikire Jones: Lagos 2081 A.D.’ For Your Next Film Project…

Consider 'Ikire Jones: Lagos 2081 A.D.' For Your Next Film Project...

More inspiration for filmmakers… as I come across material that I think would make good fodder for films, I’m sharing them here – from my Jackie Ormes piece, to The Black Count yesterday, to a fashion designer’s marketing campaign today.

In an age when Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, magazine/newspaper articles, paintings and more are the basis for feature films, why not a print fashion campaign, especially one that’s sci-fi-inspired, and set in a populous African city?

I came across this set of images on the AfroFuturist Affair’s Tumblr (a daily stop for me) which were accompanied by the following text:

An imagining of Lagos in the year 2081 A.D.  The Great Crude Explosion has just occurred; leaving oil flowing freely through the streets of the slums.  Politicians have been exiled at the heels of bomb blasts and the populace’s uprising.  The building of a new Center of the World has begun, much to the bewilderment of Western nations.  This is the birth of New Lagos…and men of taste are wearing Ikiré Jones.

I love it! It all put a smile on my face – both the idea of this future Lagos (that’s actually quite possible, given the current state of affairs in the Niger Delta to start), as well as how the designer incorporates his clothing line into the set-up.

The images themselves are attention-grabbing, and I dig them as well. They were created by Vigilism (a Nigerian-born, Brooklyn-based artist and designer) in collaboration with Wale Oyejide (once named Esquire Magazine’s one of the five “Best Dressed Real Men” in America, and the author of

Certainly, Nigerian sci-fi films aren’t anything new (I immediately think of Niyi Akinmolayan’s Nollywood sci-fi flick, Kajola, which was also set in a future Lagos), but there really hasn’t been a Nollywood sci-fi film that has been able to compete on the international cinema stage – none that I’m aware of anyway. 

Maybe a filmmaker, whether here in the USA, in Nigeria, or any other part of the world, reading this, might be inspired to do something with the above Ikiré Jones Lagos-set premise, and might even bring the clothing designer on-board to consult, as well as design the attire that the characters will wear in the film.

More images below…

To learn more about the designer, you’ll find a website HERE.

By the way, here’s a trailer for the Nollywod sci-fi film I mentioned – Kajola, directed by Niyi Akinmolayan:

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I will sure get my own Ikiré Jones in 2081 (if we're to live till then).

If Lagos'll be like so, what of cities like Abuja, Calabar, Port Harcourt, Kano? So to say, Nigeria'd be the Dubai of 2081.

Nigerian Film makers should promote this vision by delving into more of sci-fi. Kajola was a major shocker on my part (I mean that positively), and I was happy with the initiative. WE WANT MORE.

…But seriously, there's truly Wole Soyinka in those images, especially Idumota Market…


Wow!..i dig this here..just gazing at this beautiful mess, i find myself transported to some kind of Afrocentric movie matrix via Blade Runner/Dark City/A Scanner Darkly..with a hefty dose of Wole Soyinka !,,;-)

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