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Could Joy-Ann Reid Get Her Own Show On MSNBC?

Could Joy-Ann Reid Get Her Own Show On MSNBC?

It’s very possible. At least some people are saying so.

In case you haven’t heard, last night on his primetime MSNBC show, Ed Schultz announced that he was leaving his daily show on the network, and would be moving to weekends at night, starting in April. Though it was surprise to some, it really wasn’t.

There have been many articles since last fall about the tense off-camera relationship between network execs and Schultz. His populist, aggressive and combative style wasn’t a good match for the network, which prefers a smoother, more “wonkish” approach in their primetime anchors such as Lawrence O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow. It’s the same problem MSNBC had with Keith Olbermann before they gave him the boot

So who now will take his place in the coveted 8PM slot? Most people are saying that it’ll be Washington Post columnist Erza Klein who’s well liked at the network and is a frequent guest on shows and sub-hosts for Maddow and O’Donnell.

Problem is that Klein, with his very nerdy, seriously charisma free persona, can’t guarantee that he will be an audience draw… (He and Chris Hayes reminds me so much of the kind of guys I used to intimidate for their lunch money in high school.)

However some media reports today are already saying that another possible choice to replace Schultz is Joy-Ann Reid, a regular contributor to MSNBC, who I predicted a few months ago was on her way to be getting her own show at the network.

The managing editor of The Grio (which is of course owned by NBC Universal), anyone who’s a regular watcher of MSNBC will know that Reid is really, really smart, know politics inside and out like nobody’s business, personable, has fantastic presence on the screen (she’s been in TV and radio since 1998) and she on the network ALL THE TIME.  Every day. Sometimes a few times a day. Like what else do you need?

She also has an interesting background, which she has spoken of on air a few times, being the daughter of an immigrant from the Congo who was a Republican follower.

Still, the talk is that the job is Klein’s (who must have some incriminating photos of MSNBC executives). But hey, why not give the sister a chance huh?

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really Joy is very informative, knowledgeable, bright, fair and interesting about the truth


Joy – Ann is our fan fave; Chris Matthews and Joy Ann. Alex Witt co-hosts with her hair and iconic jewelry, the Cycle needs an adult but Joy-Ann is too much woman for that show. Now, Melissa and her twin…host of Disrupt(?) represent the mixed race academics who think their lisps don't spit–and the girls who asked for homework on Friday's. What is it with all the lisping for Christ sake? When Joy Ann gets her own show–"when" it needs a specific format different from the pack. We love Morning Joe because of the hosts and the format; Chuck Todd has all individualized markings but it's his passionate love of all things DC and White House that oozes out of the screen. Oh, and he's a man! Those other nerds are still peddling boyhood! It works I guess for the hipster thing but soon, not soon enough, that too will pass and they will still be boys. Now, Joy Ann needs to write her own ticket. She was quiet this morning on Melissa and so if I py hard enough Melissa will have a baby and Joy Ann will not take over rather re-vamp a show of her own.

therese gentry

She should have her own show because she would bring in millions of new viewers. Come on MSNBC get even more serious about competing with Fox.

Also, we need someone like her before the 2014 elections.

Therese Gentry

You bet she should have her own show – MSNBC could fill up wasted Saturday time slots to start. She's brilliant, well informed, clear, charismatic, energetic…. I could go on.


In other news, there's speculation that 'What's Up With That?' w/Keenan Thompson could be given the green-light as a replacement docu-news series this summer.


"(He and Chris Hayes reminds me so much of the kind of guys I used to intimidate for their lunch money in high school.)"

No, Sergio….say it isn't so….you weren't THAT guy were you??!!

Congrats to Ms. Reid if this turns out to be true. She filled in for Melissa Harris-Perry this past weekend.

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