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David O. Russell Wants Christian Bale To Team With Jennifer Lawrence For ‘The Ends Of The Earth’

David O. Russell Wants Christian Bale To Team With Jennifer Lawrence For 'The Ends Of The Earth'

George Clooney aside, it’s been a strong trend in David O. Russell‘s career to secure great performances from actors and then continue to bring them back for further projects. The director’s latest instance of such is with the Weinstein-backed romantic drama “The Ends of the Earth,” for which he’s reteaming with his “Silver Linings Playbook” actress Jennifer Lawrence, and now another previous collaborator is slated to come on board.

Penned by the newly Oscar-minted Chris Terrio (“Argo”) and based on a true story, Russell’s latest film follows Lydie Marland (to be played by Lawrence), the adopted daughter of ’20s oil tycoon Ernest Marland, to whom she is soon married after Ernest’s brother — Lydie’s real guardian — passes away. Obviously a tricky start to a complex plot — one that extends into the couple’s eventual love and political maneuvering — and Harvey Weinstein obviously sees Lawrence as paramount to making the material work.

We’re not complaining with his choice, but what about the initially cold and creepy role of Ernest? Johnny Depp, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt are all names that have been thrown into the ring, but Russell apparently wants his “The Fighter” actor Christian Bale to slip into the role. Bale and Lawrence are already slated to act together (alongside Bradley Cooper) in Russell’s untitled Abscam drama written by Eric Singer, but whereas that tale of con artists and FBI agents seems more of the frenzied, lighthearted type, ‘Earth’ appears a proper dramatic challenge for all three main parties involved.

The Abscam film will go before cameras this month, so we’ll see how Bale, Lawrence, and Russell find the experience of collaborating before making “The Ends of the Earth,” which may well be the director’s next film. [Daily Mail]

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Give it to Bradley man. Silver Linings Playbook was a stroke of genius, it also had this amazing chemistry between Jennifer and Bradley – one that I never expected, but happened.


Oh come on, if you're gonna get a nearly 40-year-old actor to do a 50-year-old role, give it to Bradley!


I love Christian Bale and his dedication to his work, whatever role he is in. The problem is that only few actresses that can find a chemistry with Bale in a "romantic" scene so far. Sure, he has good enough chemistry with AnneHathaway and Marion Cotillard in TDKR, but I still worry about Bale in romantic movie. I hope everything turns out well.
I love both Jennifer Lawrence and Christian Bale.


I love Christian Bale and i don't doubt that his performances would be great but he's a bit too young to play a 53 year old man. I'd like to see Viggo Mortensen play this role!!!


I really like that David and Jennifer have been working together. I thought Silver Linings Playbook was beautiful! I haven't seen the Fighter, but I love Christian as an actor. I'm really looking forward to this!!


Lawrence will be playing a nearly 50-year old in the Abscam movie which is twice her age. Bale will also be playing older (Weinberg was in his 50s during Abscam). If they can make that trick work they should be ok for this project. Lawrence seems a good fit, not sure about Bale as a romantic lead. Not his strongest suit he'll need a really strong actress.


what about DiCaprio? During his recent interview in Japan, DiCaprio said that long-long break is exaggerated and he would start to work again soon. Who knows…Russell could get DiCaprio win an oscar which Tarantino and Scorsese couldn't deliver?


Eww, this pervert David Russel touched his niece and is investigated. He shouldn't be allowed to come near any young girl. Actually he shouldn't be allowed to work again.


The rumor going around is that Russell put Jennifer in the small role of Bale's wife in ABSCAM to test out their chemistry which makes sense if he wants Bale for Ernest. Yes, Bale is too young for the role but in the script, the character will be seen in different points in life anyway, with the bulk of the story in his 40s (with Lydie in her early 20s, which is where Lawrence is now) so it won't be too bad.




FTN,now it's Bale who is too young (to act EW Marland)


i guess that Lawrence is only in the Abscam movie (it's a tiny role and she's really too young) to test how it works between her and Bale

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