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Do You Have An Idea For ‘Prometheus 2’? A “Freaking Out” Fox Probably Wants To Hear It

Do You Have An Idea For 'Prometheus 2'? A "Freaking Out" Fox Probably Wants To Hear It

If there is one (potential) franchise that continues to be a muddle of confused ideas, it’s “Prometheus.” We’ll spare you the blow-by-blow (again), but generally speaking, Jon Spaihts wrote a script that was a (more) direct prequel to “Alien” (including facehuggers) like had been initially planned, and then Damon Lindelof was brought in and it became the movie you saw last summer (you can read about some of the differences here). But for all the supposed mystery of “Prometheus,” Ridley Scott wasted no opportunity to explain away everything and even toss in a loose tie to “Blade Runner because why the fuck not. So needless to say, the waters have become a bit muddied, and Fox is reportedly none too pleased.

Bloody Disgusting says that according to their sources, the studio and Scott himself are “freaking out” over where to take “Prometheus 2.” As you might recall, Lindelof won’t be returning (which is why they are apparently at a loss of what to do), though there is apparently some movement with Noomi Rapace telling us recently that she met with Scott to talk about the movie. According to the horror site, the filmmakers “are taking pitches from basically anyone who can crack the story” but why not just bring Spaihts back in who told Empire last fall that he had already planned and discussed sequels with Scott way back in the day? Well, allow us to make a few suggestions here.

Were there is smoke there tends to be fire, and if we were to take a wild stab in the dark, our guess is that Fox is concerned with a “Prometheus 2” insofar as it keeps the “Alien” brand as a whole alive. That’s the only reason that movie got greenlit in the first place — it was a famed director, returning to an iconic series (kind of) for the first time in decades, in something that wasn’t just a bunch of monsters killing each other, which is what the franchise had devolved into. But with “Prometheus” finishing with Elizabeth Shaw and bionic Michael Fassbender traveling to some other planet to keep looking for the creator/main Engineer/God/whatever, it seems the whole point of this prequel got lost somewhere. This probably isn’t really about making “Prometheus 2” so much as turning the story back toward facehuggers and other familiar tropes of the franchise. Again, that’s just our guess.

For his part, Lindelof tweeted “I don’t believe Ridley Scott has ever freaked out in his life” and in a lengthy email to Slashfilm, weighs in on Bloody Disgusting’s report. “During the creative process of ‘Prometheus,’ all involved (that includes Fox and Ridley) had a strong desire for this film to launch off in its own way so that by the end, it would not connect directly to the original ‘Alien,’ but instead run parallel to it. This is something that I talked about many, many times in the press burst around the release of the movie,” Lindelof said. “As you probably remember, there was a lot of interest as to whether Prometheus was a ‘prequel’ — the answer was, ‘Yes. Sort of. But if there was a sequel to Prometheus, it would not be ‘Alien.’ “

Adding that his slate became busy as he started working with Brad Bird on “Tomorrowland,” Lindelof insists that he’s not the key to the future of “Prometheus” and more he feels there are any number of writers suitable to come on board. “As to whether Ridley and Fox are ‘freaking out’ about me not working on a sequel, well that’s news to me,” he continued. “I retain awesome relationships with both. More importantly, the idea that there aren’t many, MANY writers out there capable of taking the reins is sort of ridiculous. I did not map out a trilogy and then walk when the going got tough. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know me and doesn’t know the truth.”

And lastly, Lindelof clearly refutes this latest rumor: “…denying the story I am. I will take all the abuse in the world for the things I have done, but I refuse to take it for the things I have not. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”

Long story short: dudes need a story for “Prometheus 2.” Badass Digest adds, ”Fox has been taking many, many meetings with screenwriters, and that screenwriters have been pretty much bringing in their own pitches, not working within an established frame” which suggest that might be up for changing things up. Got any ideas? Tell us below.

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king david

They should just use the whole zachariah stitchin findings of the sumerian tablets and the annunaki story and fit it in as the conclusion but then they point to a higher being n consciousness.. n they still try to destroy earth and she and david has to stop them but while they travel to the engineers' planet david with his superior knowledge he should with dr shaw's help build a few more replicas of himself.. lol i know a lil somewhat crazy but hey u never know lol that's why it's imagination n movies

Aaron Scott

I have a script I'd like to submit that they would really love. Please send me contact info to submit

This article is misleading

So WHERE do I send my pitch or treatment? What contact are we supposed to use?


The sequel must have an original name (not connected to Prometheus). Since the Prometheus ship was destroyed in the first movie….it doesn't make any sense to have a "Prometheus 2".
It would be great to see the US Colonial Marines fighting the Engineers.


Questions need to be answered before they make a 2nd. and i am not talking about questions to do with the 1st Prometheus film. I understand they can run the 3 movie franchises side by side (aliens, Prometheus and predator) ,as they are obviously in the same universe, but people need to do there home work. i wasn't the biggest fan of the avp movies but you cannot ignore them. avp2 was indeed horseshit and can be forgotten about as it dosnt really affect anything else apart from introducing the yutani corp at the end. But in avp they have a flashback where the predators bring alien eggs to earth 6000 years ago. so lets do the maths. Scott is trying to tie the engineers in with jesus christ. in Prometheus they find a dead engineer and Dr shaw says it "about" 2000 years dead. the movie is set in 2089. so we can subtract the 2000 years and we are left with 89. So roughly the time period Jesus was sacrificed. and this is why the engineers where planning on taking the weapon or goo to earth because humans sacrificed a engineer. this is what scott is leading up to. not my cup of tea but will have to see. Any way, back on track. basicly there was aliens knocking about before the engineers made the goo,(6000 years ago and nearly 6100 if your counting from the date promethus is set in) and they where about before the decon came about. so the decon can not be the proto alien that everyone is suggesting. Also in prometheus they find dead engineers with the chests busted open so there must of been something else there. its all a big head fuck but leaves questions and opens doors for another. maybe shaw and david should get to paradise to discover a dead world that is the opposite of paradise but once was. a dark alien world of half alien half human/engineers (intelligent aliens) and also have similar looking things from h.r gigers art work and make it a sci fi horror


I think a good way to start part 2 would be to see Vickers actually was not crushed under the ship but survived in a pocket in the ground, she could then emerge to fight off new alien where she could become impregnated and have queen alien inside. She could awaken and find escape pod from alien snip wrechave more ideas maybe kage that will send her to meet David and Shaw. I have more ideas maybe fox should call me lol


I'm a fan of ALIENS, and I liked how you connected a new storyline and race with the alien universe. And continuing on that, I wonder if you should blend the Prometheus 2 more with what happens before aliens 1, while putting some focus on the engineers.
In aliens 1 we first see the crashed ship filled with eggs laid by the a queen xenomorph.. And it wasn't till the 2nd we see her, the power of an army of xenos, and I think that's why the 2nds my favorite.
You got a living xeno on LV 426 now, a race humans believe engineered them and Elizabeth headed there with David.
In my opinion for Prometheus 2, wayland corp. should head to LV 426 to find out about what happened to mr wayland, discover the xeno, and find info regarding the one survivor headed to the engineers planet.
Wayland corp wanted to tame and obtain the xenos, but foolishly die when trying to contain them to take back to earth. In the next one blend the original alien origin with a side journey into the engineer land. So in the third or fourth, we are back to ripely encountering LV 426

Matthew Scott

I love the fact that its essentially separate from the Alien franchise in that its it's own story. In the footsteps of Chariots of the Gods I would like to see this further explored. We've seen the aliens to death. This is a much more interesting story.

What I toy around with is that the engineers would be Angelic beings used by God to assist in placing what He made to create our DNA by placing it in the water supply. To go further we could have the fallen angels after the rebellion of lucifer (often referred to as extraterrestrials in theological circles) or inter dimensional beings, show up which could be interesting because in the book of Genesis is speaks of the fallen angels mating with human women, spawning the race of giants (pre flood) called the Nephilim. Hence partially why the flood came about because that was not Gods original plan. So as humans evolved and incorporated the things they learned from the fallen angels ie, weaponry, witchcraft, light technology, astrology and astronomy among many other things God started over with Noah. Anyways for the story, in Prometheus the beings are set on taking out humanity and it was in the works much earlier than when we woke them up on the planet. They could have been in route to wipe us out to prevent us from continuing with the fallen angels knowledge or because we killed Jesus. The flood could have taken place because they were demised by their own biological agent. (Though I wouldn't incorporate the flood or Noah into the story unless its in dialogue only).

I would resume part two on mission to find their home world which would either be Heaven (which I'm sure would prove very difficult to put on screen) or an outpost world close to where inter dimensional travel to heaven would be possible due to a worm hole or something of that nature. Or she could be in route to where the fallen ones reside. Either way there's a ton of Biblical lore that could make this work beautifully without being preachy and could be a very incredible story. Two books that could be gleaned from for many plot points would be the book of Enoch (deals greatly with angels, the fall, Nephilim etc, and Stephen K. Baxters' Manifold Space. There are treasures in both of those that could make for an incredible journey on screen that would be much more fulfilling than just another alien flick. These are the questions that plague humanity and even the church in some cases and to see that on screen put together by a master such as Scott would be truly amazing to behold.



Keeping a watchful eye on the evolution of their creation (Earth), the tablets found were in fact primitive traps set through time (like a Venus fly trap, mosquito zapper). They are an ill-conceived concept of invitations to a welcoming party. They are a calling card to impending doom (similar to pushing a destruct all button), set in motion by irreversible circumstances (technological advancements in a volatile species (humans) that can reach the stars displaces the natural order of symbiosis in the universe. This was never meant to happen). This invitation is meant to start a sequence of cataclysmic events that rolls back the evolution of earth. The Engineers have been strategically placed at the military base/production plant (never shit in your own backyard concept with the black goo) and in all essence, through circumstance, have reserved the roll as “sleepers” that have been dormant, waiting for their creations to come back to them to start the sequence.

Earth is a farming project for the Engineers (It is their quest for knowledge. They are not above reason) as are many other habitable planets (evidenced by the 3D holographic space diagram). All species however have one thing in common, the same DNA origins.

In decoding dialect provided within the scripts in the catacombs/spaceship and 3D holographic space diagram. David divulges valuable information that he has learned of another race (Farmed in a not to dissimilar way to humans on earth). This race however, is the reason for the recorded holograms that show the Engineers fleeing from an unknown entity.

They too wanted to know the reason for creation (and being more advanced in evolution had already attacked the Engineers as they too had traps set in their world and had suffered a similar wrath to the humans in their first encounter).

The military base/ production plant was originally setup as a contingency plan to control their experiments which may have a life span of 300 – 500 years.

The Engineers home planet is not the first port of call. It is another planet that houses that other race of being that David discovered. As common as it is on earth to see alliances built from different creatures, an apprehensive alliance is built between the two species that ultimately plays out on the Engineers home world. Hence the arrival of Prometheus 3.


The girl and Dave go to the engineers planet it's desroyed because the squid like alien already turned on the engineer that why the engineer tried to plant the squid like alien on earth to kill us but it was to late the squid like alien already killed the engineers and when the girl and Dave get that info they leave and go back to earth and like in the very first movie they come back with a crew and descover the ALIENS that was born from the engineer and squid alien


PLOT A:Maybe I'm being over simplistic about this, but the sequel to Prometheus should be: She goes to the origin planet, find a unsuitable answer. They sentence her to death (easy enough to make up), David helps her escape, and somehow is hooked up to one of their systems and synthesizes the alien stand with "modifications" (easy enough that he had contact with the ship and would have knowledge of the organism, and modifies it on the ship). Then he releases the weapon on the Engineers planet basically destroying it within days. Now one of the engineers takes the ship that they arrived in with the modified weapons, and imprisons Shaw on the ship torturing her by impregnating her with an alien to release her on earth to kill our planet. David overrides the cryo-system she wakes up, Alien kills her by a chest burster. That Alien lays and egg and impregnates the engineer. Engineer wakes up and for some reason or another ejects the canisters into space. He is in the chair and decides to go on a suicide mission to earth. chest burster comes out, killing him. he crashlands on LV426, the Alien lays all the eggs and dies. (i came up with that- yes with some plot holes, in about 10 min time of sitting here writing). Only thing to account would be how the engineer became fossilized.
PLOT B: if you are still reading the answer she gets includes a ship that was sent to earth but crash landed on LV 426, and was left there because it was to dangerous to recover. Shaw gets the answer she doesn't like and her and David wipe out the engineers and she becomes a hero saving us from the engineers. Two plots in 15min there you go.

Ben Coup

Shaw and David reach what they believe to be the Promethean's homeworld. When landing they find the place infested with the xenomorphs harvesting and killing the Promethean's. Shaw and David have to fight through this ongoing war to find a Promethean to question why they created the humans. When they eventually find a dying Promethean they question it and it tells them the Promethean's didn't create the humans. Dying before answering anymore questions they discover that a weyland-yutani symbol had being burned on to it's hand upon which a map was clenched, They use the map to find a building seemingly abandond and try to make it to the control room shown at the center of the map. Upon finding the place filled with technology that they believe to be Promethean they find a file on human-Promethean history. They discover that in the future the Weyland-Yutani Businesses used the Xenomorphs to clear out planets for terraforming. The Weyland-Yutani Corp had created the Prometheans to harvest the Xeno's and placed them in another time period to ensure safety. And this is why the Prometheans are trying to kill the humans linking back to "Doesn't everyone want to kill their father" Comment from the first one. Shaw then sets the facility to self-destruct and takes one of the time machines using it to place the carvings in ancient cultures to lead her their and the Prometheans are liberated for Weyland-Yutani.

Obviously dragging it out a bit more and I apologize for typo's. But that's my idea.

Benito Lopez Fondeur

Prometheus 2 Part V

Wolf pointed his weapon at Ki when he got shot in the head from behind by David. Wolf landed flat on his face.

Ki looked at them while some screamed as others went for their weapons and tried to shoot David. Ki pushed a button in her large chair and she started to dawn a very scary Jokey Space suit.

David avoided being shot by the military technicians and ran to fight them. David grabbed one Mil Tech by his head and snapped his neck while kicking the other Mil Tech in his mouth, forcing his jaw through his skull.

David stopped looking at Meredith, Machiko and the other two scientist. They all ran for their lives toward the cockpit entrance when David grabbed from behind one of the scientist and snapped his neck with ease. David dropped the scientist's body and looked down on his chest to find two electrical cartridges pins slamming against his body while 20,000 volts burned David's cyborg body to a crisp.

Behind the shotgun was Eito while the other remaining crew members where screaming at him to look up and run.

Ki stood up.

"She was wearing the original scary albino looking Space Jokey suit from the original Alien movie"

Eito reloaded his weapon and pointed at her and he shot her. Eito squeezed the electrical charge but nothing happened. Ki pulled the two cartridges pins from her chest and looked at them and then at Eito.

Ki started to walk towards Eito while he turned and ran with the others as fast as they could through the Derelict's hallways.

Machiko saw a small duct whole on the side of the walk way and jumped in feet first as Meredith jumped in and Eito shortly behind but as Eito was falling he was caught by Ki on his space jacket.

Eito struggled to get loose from her grip and pushed his jacket button. Ki pulled Eito's jacket out of the whole and she screamed a high pitch sound while looking inside the small whole.

Eito came out the whole and fell into another large hallway, on top of Meredith who was in slight pain.

Ki's was walking and stood in front of David's motionless burned body and picked him up.

Machiko was looking at a door which was locked and tried to open it at the end of the hallway when they heard large thumping sounds. Eito yelled "Wait you don't know where that door leads to",

A few hours had passed and Fumiko was looking at the Derelict in wonder and still calling for his Captain on the radio with no avail.

Fumiko was looking at his watch and wondering why the Derelict was parked next to this planetoid. Fumiko asked Charlie to scan LV 426. Charlie responded and said "Sir, the atmosphere is too thick with electrical storms and it was blocking a complete scan". Fumiko told Charlie to send a probe to the planet's surface. The Akagi' screened detected a moving body moving away from the Derelict. He enlarged the contact on his screen and saw what it looked like a human body.

Fumiko asked the computer named Charlie to identify the target but Charlie responded that it appeard to be a human form. The close up screen saw a dark human form but he was unable to see who it was. He ran to the Akagi's space suit and outer door lock room and suited up as fast as he could, thinking it was a crew members body or worse possibly his friend and Captain Eito.

Fumiko said to Charlie before he exited from the ship.

"Charlie I need you to send a distress signal or warning signal to home base"

Charlie asked Fumiko "Sir, what type of message would you like me to send" Charlie paused for a second and said "Charlie please send a numeric warning signal to stay away from this place, thank you" Charlie asked "Sir why numerical" Fumiko answered "The universal language is numbers Charlie" I will be back in a bit"

Fumiko was floating in space and pushed his space jacket's back pack thrusters towards the lifeless floating body.

Fumiko got closer to the body and a couple of kilometers away from the Akagi when he reached and grabbed it. It was dark black space when he lifted and saw the burned crisp face of a cyborg.

Fumiko got spooked and pushed away David's body and he faced the Akagi when the Derelict sent a laser beam that cut the Akagi in half and later it blew up in pieces sending parts of it into orbit around LV 426

Fumiko thought that his only hope was to go seek the others inside the Derelict and he pushed his jet pack towards the ship.

Ki was sitting in the pilot's chair dressed in a the Space Jokey suit making her final preparations for Earth and scanning the ship for the humans when she heard a weird sound.

A sound of metal taps on metal getting louder. Ki looked around and stopped what she was doing and looked around but the tapping sound stopped.

Ki looked back at her large tube monitor when a huge face hugger which jumped and wrapped its tentacles around her face in a split second leaving her motionless on the chair.

To be continued to Final Part VI

Benito Lopez Fondeur

Prometheus 2 Part IV

James Wolf opened his mouth and said "That's impossible"

Kato who is now controlled by David's programing lowered his weapon.

Everyone was amazed at this alien's appearance, a bio mechanical wonder. A highly sophisticated body and movement. She was perfect.

The large female mechanical being was looking at her arms and body while she smiled.

James said "What's your name? And wondered what she was. Do you understand me"

She looked down on James and looked back at her beautiful arms and answered in a weird language.

David understood her and he answered back…

James got closer to her while she observed David.

"Meredith said don't James don't get so close" while she was paralyzed in fear.

Machiko asked David "What did she say to you David" He answered "Her name is Ki" and she asked us if we are Annunaki and how did we get here"

Ki walked away and sat on one of the Space Jokey chairs and turned around to face them. Ki was operating different controls of the Derelict's chair and closing her eyes.

Meredith asked David " What language is she speaking"

David answered "Ma'am I believe she was speaking in a form of ancient Sumarian"

She pointed at David and he started to walk to her and then he stood still while his eyes started to roll back.

Eito was calling for Fumiko or the others on his helmet microphone while walking through a large hallway but did not receive an answer. He encountered a large door that he touched and it opened to a room with a weird looking egg larger that was than him.

Eito got closer and saw that it was humid and when he touched it his gloves started to burn. Eito remembered the Deacon had acid for blood. The egg started to vibrate and glow inside of it. Eito stepped back and saw something moving. Eito pointed his taser weapon and shot an electrical shot that looked like a lightning volt that went through the egg and then it opened its top.

Eito believed that he killed whatever it was and walked away. The door closed behind him. He was using an acoustic sound search device to find the others. The device guiding him was searching for human vocal sounds.

David turned around and said…

"From Sky to Earth." Anu is the supreme deity in the Sumerian system. Ki is the goddess of the Earth. The offspring of Anu and Ki are called the Annunaki. The Annunaki are the children which Anu created on planet Ki. The Annunaki were served by the Igigi until the Igigi revolted, forcing the Annunaki to create Mankind.

Sumerian paradise is described as a garden of Atrahasis where lower rank deities (the Igigi) were put to work digging a watercourse by the more senior deities (the Anunnaki).

When the gods, man-like,
Bore the labour, carried the load,
The gods' load was to great,
The toil grievous, the trouble excessive.

The Igigi then rebel against the dictatorship of Enlil, setting fire to their tools and surrounding Enlil's great house by night. On hearing that toil on the irrigation channel is the reason for the disquiet, the Annanuki council decide to create man to carry out agricultural labour.

James who was a religious fanatic and biologist who believed firmly in creation started to shout NO!!! This can't be NOOO!!!! We are not slave monkeys created to dig minerals for another civilization!!! NOO!!! When James ran and grabbed a shot gun from the floor and pointed at Ki…

Benito Lopez Fondeur

Prometheus 2 Part III

James was pointing a gun at Meredith

James are you fkg crazy. I will make sure you will burn for this!!!

James says "I am close to making the greatest discovery of mankind and i will not let a disgruntled little bitch get in the way with it"

Someone grabbed James from behind and grabbed his gun and pointed it at James head while james faced the others.

Drop your weapons!! Kato screamed at the two other military escort team members that where carrying Taser shotguns. Kato's voice was just like Daivd's.

Meredith asked David is that you?

David answered "Yes ma'am"

Meredith asked how can that be?

I was designed with a special trojan programing to take over Prometheus main program systems if necessary or in the event of imminent danger to Mr Weyland, you or the mission by the crew.

David, what happened to Shaw? Meredith asked.

Ma'am, Shaw was absorbed by the walls of this ship. This ship seams to be a living bio-mechanical laboratory.

Humans were an experiment that at one some point some Space Jockeys and as you call them Creators disapproved and revolted.

Meredith asked against who?

Back at the Akagi.

Finished securing all bodies in body bags in the lab biological containers.

Eito said " Fumiko I have to go to that ship to find the others.
Fumiko said "Are you crazy? That ship is probably full of those nasty things and if not for our ceramic floors, that thing's blood would've burned a huge whole through the ship's hull.

I have to see if I can open the door and get in. I'm suiting up.

Eito was at the huge door of the Derelicts ship's outer hull when he touched the door and after a few seconds it started to open.

Fumiko, called Eito"
Go ahead "Fumiko replied"
Fumiko, the door just opened and if I don't come back in 12 hours then blow this piece of Alien junk out of sky and go back with out us"

Fumiko said but Sir!!! Fumiko if I dnt come back that means we are all dead and you are next!!! You got me??? That's an order!!! Said Eito.

"Yes Sir" said Fumiko

Meredith, Meredith "Shaw's voice called in a thunderous sound Everyone was looking around with their flash lights when the ships cockpit lights turned on, illuminating the walls. There, in the ceiling was a scary but beautiful bio-mechanical woman forming.

(From H R Gigers Necronomicon half female half Alien design)

Out of the walls came this beautiful being in what appeared to have a light resemblance to Shaw's face.

Her body was fuming as to an extreme temperature as she stood up over 12 feet tall.

Everyone was just frozen in amazement.

When the being's eyes opened wide…

Benito Lopez Fondeur

Prometheus 2 Pitch Part II

Kato started to twitch and opened his mouth as something was happening with his programing.
Kato frozed.

A female who is a military specialized robotics designer and a scientist called Machiko, who rushed to it and tried to stop Kato as it fell to its back with its eyes frozen.

The boarding party of 8 which included an African American biologist named James Wolf. James who was the lead scientist asked Machiko "What's wrong with him" as everyone gathered around Kato.

Machiko said "I don't know. I will try a full reboot of its systems and if nothings wrong then it should take a few minutes

Back in the Akagi a military technician was finishing her hot shower next to a huge laboratory. She stepped out naked from the female locker room and pulled her towel that had some sticky oily liquid on it.

Kira looked at it in disgust when she turned around and opened a large closet door to pull another towel when something scratched her hand and she said "ouch". She slowly turned on the light of the large closet to see a fully grown Deacon unfolding. Kira screamed and ran naked.

The Deacon was now grayish in color and its head looked like a human skull with no eyes and less pointier in its head as it was when it was born. The Deacon was very attracted to the strong smell off human flesh.

In the Akagi Maru's cockpit were the other 3 remaining occupants including its Captain. Captain Eito was drinking coffee and looking at the Derilict in wonder, when it's outer door entrance started to close.

"James, this is Eito!"
James sayed "Go ahead"
"James, the outer door of the Derelict ship is closing"
James said "What"

Kira was running naked through the hallways and screaming Eito, Charlie connect me to Eito!!! Eito heard the screaming over the intercoms and shouted her name back when she stopped in a four way hallway. Kira was looking scared out of her life while she stared at every all the empty hallways.

"Kira!! What's going on???
Eito!! There is something here that came with us from that fkg planet!!!

When she turned to face her back a slime fell on her head and when she looked up a large opened mouth with human looking teeth just snapped and bit her head off in a split second.

Eito heard a dumping sound over the mike and he continued to scream and ask Kira what is it?? Where are you?

No answer came.

Eito asked the main computer "Charlie, where is Kira? Eito my sensors indicate that her voices came from the cross hallway 4 deck level 2"

Charlie, show me that location. Eito and the other crew members saw the monitors in disbelief as blood was all over the walls and her body on the floor. All three Eito, Fumiko and Beniko grabbed high voltage taser shotguns and ran to her location.

They where running frantically to her location. Once there, Eito saw with sadness Kira's decapitated body.
Eito immediately pointed his weapon forward and said "Fumiko cover my Six. Where's Beni?" Fumiko said Sir he was just behind me!!

Eito said Charlie put me on loud speakers "Beniko!! Answer me!! Are you ok!! No answer. Answer me God dammit!! The loud noise bothered the Deacon and it screamed back with a loud shriek!!! Which spooked Eito and Fumiko.

The Deacon ran past one of the hallways.

Fumiko saw it as it passed by at the end of the hallway and he said "Sir we need to get the fk out of here fast"

Eito asked "What did you see? Sir it's huge"

Charlie I need you to find the location of the shrieking noise by blasting loud music and put my favorite heavy metal song at full blasts all over the ship except my location NOW!!!

Fumiko says " Sir that's going to push it here? Eito "Yes that's what I want"

Charlie started playing Welcome to the Jungle by Guns and Roses at full blasts.

The Deacon turned slowly into the Hallway facing Eito. Eito said "Fumiko my 12 now" Full electrical charge! Deacon charged but both Eito and Fumiko fired electrical wired pin cartridges and hit the Deacon in its head with a 20,000 volta. The Deacon fell on the floor trembling and moving towards them while shrieking when it's head exploded.

Eito and Fumiko looked at the dead Deacon and they were relieved.

Eito said "Charlie good job. Yes Sir, Is there anything else I can help you with"

Yes Charlie please stop the music and get me James Wolf on the speaker please. Charlie said "Yes Sir"

Eito! Yes, Charlie go ahead. Eito all coms are broken with the other 8.

Back in the Derelict.

James was calling for Eito with no response.

Meredith said "Did Eito just say that the air lock door just closed?

All the lights inside the cock pit went black.

Machiko said "Everyone please turn your helmet lights"

Meredith shouted at them "I didn't just survive a two year cryo tube to die in this fkg ship!! I'm leaving, who's coming with me NOW!

James looked at her and said "You will not be going anywhere before I kill you first"

Benito Lopez Fondeur

Prometheus 2 Pitch

After the disappearance of Weyland's Prometheus ship and mission. Yutani Corporation makes a hostile take over of the Weyland Industries and sends a new ship to LV 223 "The Akagi Maru"

The ship has company scientists, government officials and military personnel.

Once arrived on LV 223 They find still alive in an emergency cryo tube "Meredith Vickers"

After Meredith recovers and is explained the Akagi's mission, she shows them location of the other Derelicts to the new team. The Engineer's body is broken into bone pieces. Meredith wants to go back home and explains the horrors of what this place was but has no choice but to go with the Weyland-Yutani's crew to the closest Derelict and act as a consultant.

A second more advanced military android named Kato, was sent with them. After arriving at the destroyed crashed Derelict, Kato turns on one of the ships navigation systems.

Then Kato finds connects by mistake to the ships mainframe and by accident Kato is linked to it and receives data and learns the truth to the Space Jockeys and Human connection. Kato starts talking in a deep voice " The Space Jockeys were an advanced biological robotic system created by superior beings from an old civilization. Humans were an improved version of the Space Jockeys. Modern human DNA were implanted in the Space Jockeys. Humans carry the codes in their DNA for the Creator beings.

The Humans were designed to destroy each other. To control over population an evil "envy gene" was implanted and activated by a trigger effect.

Kato says that the Creator beings were beleived to be destroyed in a war with the Space Jokeys. The Creator beings released their ultimate weapon the Xenomorph.

The crashed Derelict space display hologram shows a flashing light in an orbit next to an apparent dead planet called LV 426. The crew of Akagi with Meredith decide to go.

Once in orbit close to LV 426 the Akagi crew and Meredith finds a Derelict ship to their surprise. Lights around the Derelict ship are flashing. A small door opens as an invitation. The Akagi crew goes in. Once inside the ship and at it's cockpit control center the crew finds David!!

The Akagi crew looks worried as teenagers that made a mistake. David was dysfunctional with severe bite marks all over his face.

Kato tries to connect to David with no avail. David is totally disfigured but finally he turns on and with the remaining eye watches them. David asks Kato to download his memories and turn him off.

Meredith asked David if another Engineer was on the ship?
David says No.
Meredith then asks him " Who brought you here? Davis answers Shaw.

After a few seconds later Kato turns around, drops David's head and faces the crew to say

"Are you willing to die to find your answers"

Meredith shouts out at Kato "What are you trying to say you stupid machine!

Where is Shaw? Is there another Engineer? Who piloted this ship?
Kato says I did with Shaw who brought me here.
Where is Shaw? Where is she??? Says Meredith.

Kato says "It is in the ship"

Shaw is no more!

What's in the Ship??? Says Meredith.

Kato says with a frozen and dead look "The Creator"

The Creator was waiting for us to be reborn!!!

peril universe

I have an EPIC idea for the next 2 planned films (maybe more), which would satisfy all of the challenges they're facing. However, I'm not willing to share them in a blog. If they're (Scott and/or Fox) seriously "… taking pitches from basically anyone who can crack the story" then please share how we can get a meeting. I think they would want to hear my pitch.

Timothy J. Holloway
author/filmmaker of "PERIL"


recut prometheus from the scratch, add scenes to cover major holes and quastions, and let the movie be more philosophical and less improbable action stuff, and cut out the Alien bridge, with the xenomorph at the end… the second movie take place on hearth during the ancien roman empire, one of the maker is jesus, roman kill the maker and this explain why the makers want kill human being, this story will be inter-cut with Rapace and fassbender who travel to find the makers, the movie end with them who must climb a big mountain to find out the olimpus to meet the makers… but in the meantime human being discover the ship of rapace and fassbender and the planet of the makers of course, and the third movie will be a big war between human being and the makers for the power of the "heaven".

Alan B

I got an idea: don't do another one.


Hi Gabriel, just looked at your Imdb profile, its a good site and one that I visit regularly. Sounds as though you have worked on some interesting titles. I would showcase myself a little more if I was you though e.g. Photo, Trivia.

Since your the one living a dream and obviously the one to go to regarding submissions of screenplay's, story boards, or just synopse's in general. How would somebody go about submitting to Scott Free Productions if I was to flesh out my Prometheus 2 story a bit more.

Anyway, hope you make your $100 Million. Hopefully next year I'll be making my own when I release my novel on Amazon, look out for it next Christmas…Legend of the Red Sun Village.


I've made arty little features for 20yrs and while I've never worked on this scale before, I'm pretty sure I could make even the hot mess of a first film work in context and make a sequel that would also stand on its own. I've not been asked or invited to share any ideas outside of a blog post. And , if the one dude is correct, doing so might result in $100 MILLION for my idea. (Psst. It would NOT. That is simply NOT how much screenwriters make.Ever.) Look me up at IMDB or Google: Gabriel Maitreya

Jen Thurston

Are you kidding? Being Dyslexic is a Disability & I have been Dying to 'Pitch' my movie ideas for nearly 30years! So how about I fly to where ever & get 7minutes….Thats ALL I need to SHOW how to Move Forward!!!
We were left ''looking for the creator/main Engineer/God/whatever''!!?
Ah, The Universe offers such Endless Possibilities….How to Conceive Brilliance & Believability!
sign me Jen 'Always leave them thurston4more'! See ya Soon Boys!


I saw the engineers in robes with the round ship in the beginning of the movie as a religious order while the other engineers were military. Maybe there's a civil war between them? Maybe the religious order, the ones in the cave paintings are the nice ones? The engineer technology is genetics and one creates life while the other finds ways to destroy life. I think the military engineers have MANY variations of what we know as the ALIEN. I don't think there is only one form or type.

I don't understand why it's so hard to move forward from this?


Why not ignore everything from the first film and have Shaw go to another alien planet with another crew. There, they have to face zombie like creatures.

No real plot or anything, just make sure you put those baaam baaam sounds in the trailer.


All they have to do is make the Engineer just like us and make something else there maker ..The old story of God , the Angels and Us story…just like the Matrix did..


Why the fuck would I tell you $100M ideas in a blog comment?

Mark Swaine

Prometheus was my favourite film of last year, so in the of chance that anyone reads this, here goes…

Prometheus: Returning Fire


Noomi Rapace: Elizabeth Shaw
Michael Fassbender: David
Clancy Brown: General Spears (from the comics)
Akio Yutani: Hiroyuki-Shimosawa
Jennifer Carpenter: Captain (Pilot)
Harold Perrineau: Lead Scientist
Ray Stevenson: Battalion Commander
Ben Foster: Merc Squad Leader
Jason Flemying: Hunter, Squad Leader


As the space ship prometheus travels to the distant planet coordinates little did they know that Mother Titan. A Yutani constructed, all purpose, state of the art, deep space battle ship was following their beacon, as planned by the dying Bishop Weyland and his daughter. On Mother Titan, an entire community of scientists, Trackers, Hunters and Mercenaries await confirmation of their Classified location, even though each Sector been fully breifed in their missions, especially the Scientists.

In the previous events of Prometheus, the only people aware of David's ability to sync information with another model of the same design, were Vickers, Weyand and David. With Elizabeth Shaw, in a state in cryo sleep, David (with a reattached head) is transmitting their course to himself, Bishop Weyland and Akio Yutani, back on 'Mother Titan'.

An assembly line of Bishop Weyland clones lie in a dormant state aboard the huge vessel, and even though he had learned to perfect the cloning process,he is still obssessed with finding the key to eternal life.

The alien craft arrives at the Engineers planet, and the entire surface is covered in oceans of the 'black ooze'. The black ooze is the organic product of the planets natural eco system that the Engineers are still experimenting on. The Engineers fear the baron lands and black oceans so carry out experiments on the various creatures in fortified labs, experimenting with the black ooze in a controlled environment outside the home of their giant Citadel. Their city sized lab is based on one side of the planet, whilst the Citadel resides on the other.

Eventually Mother Titan catches up to the alien ship, as the crafty droid David has guided them to his position. David docks with the freighter and they arrive shortly after at the ginat black planet. The Engineers are none to pleased at their arrival, and so board the Mother Titan in armed force, a shoot out ensues and the majority of the ships habitants are kidnapped and brought back to their Testing Base for Human Trials. As the Engineers leave with their cargo, they fire upon the ship.

The remaining residents including 'a David', Bishop Weyland and mainly mercenaries and soldiers) scramble to their escape ships and pods and jettison from Mother Titan to rendezvous close to the Engineers Research base to mount a search and rescue Unfortunately humans create the most potent form of the alien beast and the first generation aliens escape, in the panic the prisoners escape.

While Elizabeth Shaw is being tortured and interogated by an Elder Engineer, the surviving prisoners plus an uninfected test subject Engineer mount a rescue. Using the state of the art all terrain water and land, battle vehicles contained within the drop ships they escaped in, they make haste for the safety of the Engineers Capital. the Citadel, in hope of finding a ship that will get them of the planet.

In a mad dash against time to outrun the mad mixture of alien hybrids (planet born, Engineer and human) the teams split in two as Elizabeth Shaw rebels against Weyland and Yutani to capture a live creature, or an infected member of the team.

Shaw reveals the purpose of the human race, informing everyone that we are nothing more than glorified janitors taking care of 'their' planet. But we have become so sophisticated in the art of warfare they dare not attack us by conventional means, and that the black ooze fused with human DNA creates the most deadly Xenomorph specimen, and are to difficult to control. As the Engineers become ever more desperate to abondon their planet due to the continuing alien threat, the odds are against Shaw to ensure that neither Weyland or the Engineers allow the alien organism to leave the planet.

And as the aliens overrun the city in hundreds of thousands of escaped test subjects, Shaw, a handful of survivors and the pilot Engineer take of as the Engineers City is overrun. Unfortunately one of the survivors was infected at the hands of Weyand, as the Facehugger attacks the pilot in his cockpit chair, they crash land on the planet Acheron, LV-426.

There is a opening for a third one there somewhere, I hope all that made sense, sorry about the bad grammar :)


Focus on the Engineers. After Elizibeth Shaw and David leave the planet on the ship enroute to the unknown planet they start to watch the ships archives and learn a little more about why the Engineers chose that planet to create the virus intended to destroy man and how exactly they died on that planet(that is a small portion just to ease the wondering minds). Then the signal that David was actully sending them to was not the Engineers home planet but actully a giant research station which sends out smaller ships ( I.E the ship they are currently piloting) to destinations all over the universe….. I particuarlly envision this as a triology that would give more answers to the many questions we all have. maybe even ending off on the origin planet of the Engineers. Another way to go is that instead of a Research station,they find another planet the engineers used to try and create another intelligent speices similar to earth

Snow Giggles

One alien bald engineer survives. He gathers the robot up and has a little escape ship, on which she stows away. He goes to his home planet's space station of which they are a dying much more peaceful subdued race. He is diabolical and wants to still kill earth. She must run around in the bowels of the space station trying to stop his mad plan to erase the apes. The face huggers are their pets. The residents of the space station are reluctant collaborators of hers. Of course she stops it he mad plan and the space station inhabitants send her to sleep and home while keeping to pay for 'crimes'. He escapes and places himself in a ship to sleep – to arrive in our solar system shortly after her.
second movie:
They both go through a meteorite storm and end up crashed on a planet of earthmen – first colonizers that still haven't found intelligent extraterrestrial life outside themselves. He preys on them building a super spitting alien that will not breed true if at all. She must convince the Earthmen to build protection and stop the bald alien. The bald alien realizes that this is not Earth and, using her as a shield, escapes with his repaired ship.
Third movie:
Only to crash into a behemoth alien (of the kind in Alien) in deep space. They must fight each other and the face hugger/spitting aliens who are no longer pets but feral. The spitting alien aliens use up the behemoths and all of it's companions, symbiotic species and crash onto LV426.
Elizabeth and the Bald Engineer fight to the death both dying as Elizabeth uses their technology to suck the air off the planetoid and kill all the spitters but not the eggs.

Will Harrington

I'm surprised that this is at all confusing: The Engineers and the Humans have matching DNA, some of the Engineers mated with human beings and had children with them. Together, they created the first civilization where gods and humans lived side by side until that civilization was lost in a great flood. Following the great flood some of the Engineers began to believe that the humans were a lost cause and should be left alone to destroy themselves, some of the other Engineers however, did not want to abandon their human relatives and it was ulitmately decided that the Engineer's would help the humans rebuild and would take a more "behind the scenes" role in the human civilization from then on out, communicating to and ruling through their human family members. Some of the Engineers were still not happy with the humans and still wished to destroy them. What Shaw and the others found on LV-223 was the scene of a conflict between these two factions.


bring back the Colonial Marines.


Prometheus was a joke. They went out to do an ambitious sci fi film about 'man meeting his maker'. Then they decided not to do that and instead they turned the film into a stupid monster movie. The ending made it seem that the sequel was about Shaw meeting 'the creator', but now they don't have any ideas for that film either.

Here's a hint: If you want to do a simple monster movie in space, just do it. Don't shoot yourself in the foot by adding all this 'deep' stuff about god if you're not smart enough to deliver the goods. Ridley, you're not Tarkovsky or Kubrick.


Lindelof and Scott fucked this proposed series right into a corner. There's no interesting film to be made about an archeologist and decapitated robotic head in space searching God. Possibly could have xenomorphs (but the problem here is how they were developed with no other beings on the planet) on board the shuttle enroute to planet whogivesashit, meanwhile Fassbender secretly reprograms the ship to return to Earth. Or a search party is sent to investigate the disappearance of the first crew ( obvious problem is you end up remaking Aliens), Shaw returns from the other planet at the end only to discover it overrun with xenomorphs and the search party killed.


Go back to Vincent Ward's ideas for his version of Alien 3. Go back to his script and get a talented writer ( Rian Johnson maybe? ) to tie in elements of Wards script with the Prometheus-Elisabeth Shaw storyline, give Ward a story credit and thats the job done.

Lets Get Real podcast

The movie and this story suggests an existential freakout but as Lindelof tweeted "I don't believe Ridley Scott has ever freaked out in his life". I guess Ridley's pretty zen about it all. For the moneymen who want make a movie cashing in on Alien/Gore/Action, best to springboard from AVP or do a reboot. Prometheus will be synonymous with grander existential themes, wouldn't be surprised if Ang Lee decided to helm it.

Gabe Toro



Heres an idea don't make a movie unless you actually have an idea worth doing. You get the idea first, then that evolves into a movie, not the other way around


I think she should find first the original planet of those big muscle men and have some prophecy thing on their planet wherr she has to speak to the head muscle guy which will then show her the map of the stars and where to go on the way there she will pass by the alien planet with those acid spit things because the planet has stuff she needs to refuel then one lil fucker will stow away on the spaceship for fun towards the end anyways she finally flies n fliesthru space n wormholse to find the creators but all she fids are relics and tombs on the most amazing planet ever she takes abook with her of their history and on the flight home to earth that lil alien fucker has some fun does she die maybe maybe not


The entire Alien franchise was a "dream loop" in Rick Deckard's BIOS — dozing off while tinkling the keys of an old piano, SUDDENLY: unicorns gallop around an eldritch forest, chased by xenomorphs for 2 hrs. 35 mins (including titles and end credits).

Viola! Done! Now, where's my millions and three-pic deal?


Have it a short film about Shaw and a the robot head crashing on a planet where they're getting fucked by aliens god. The fucking end.


Yes, Fassy trying to kill Dr. Shaw during all the movie… until he finds his creator… Whether Fassy succeeds or not, I would rather say yes. I did not like the character of Shaw. She could get pregnant again of one of these monsters and then Prometeus 3 is the Shaw´s baby against the robot…

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