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Episode 1 Of Nzingha Stewart/Gabrielle Union Web Series ‘Riding Dirty with Officer Turner’

Episode 1 Of Nzingha Stewart/Gabrielle Union Web Series 'Riding Dirty with Officer Turner'

Here’s episode 1 of writer/director Nzingha Stewart‘s new web series starring Gabrielle Union, titled Riding Dirty with Officer Turner, that is housed on Shaquille O’Neal’s Comedy Shaq Network on YouTube.

Here’s a description:

Gaybrielle Turner (played by Gabrielle Union) is an overzealous traffic cop without a clue, who gets off (literally) by pulling over random people for no reason – just because she’s bored, horny or both. Each of the traffic stops revealing surprising, over the top and hilarious results. In the vain of the show “Cops” meets “Reno 911” this new broad show for the Comedy Shaq Network is sure to throw the book at funny.

We showed you the trailer late last week; episode 1 (titled Bitch I Don’t Like Crime) debuted yesterday, and is embedded below, so check it out:

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This is a mess. It wasn't even well-edited. I get that this is supposed to be pure camp, "Funny or Die" meets "Reno 911," but nothing about this ep worked. I had high hopes for their production efforts (is this from StewU?), but it's hard to stomach that this is the first release from these two otherwise talented women.


I laughed a few times. Nothing special. Everybody needs good writers! This is a testament to statement.



Miles Ellison

That stank like a garage full of unwashed ass. How much cocaine had to be snorted by the creators before that became funny? I'm guessing a Tony Montana-sized mountain of it.


The trailer was bad enough for me, no need to see more. Aside from being cute & fun in Bring It On, I've seen Gabrielle Union be funny exactly one time: as a stripper bent on nuclear destruction in NTSF: SD: SUV.


Horrendous and unfortunate. I don't know what saddens me most: the fact that Bill Bellamy and Gabrielle Union are in this, how horribly it's written or the fact that its existence implicitly does not bode well for Black actors (of all scales) in general.

Is it so bad out here that people have to do things like this? I know that people have to work, but damn.



Okay, lets start from the top. Nzingha Stewart may have shined as a director of music videos, many top artist will attest to that. And, with clients including ESPN, Coors Light, and greasy McDonald… the burger chain, that is, nobody should ever question her ability to direct clips for commercials. But somebody should have pulled a tough love on her. Friends, family or some damn body should have told her… "Girl, I love you better than I love myself, but baby, you ain't got no business doing this!"

I'm serious, as DJP said, this was not funny (AT ALL), the p***y lines were not needed and Gabrielle played herself. Really, who convinced Mrs. Stewart that she could, and should, write and direct this lame mess?

And speaking of Gabrielle, this type of "comedy" is waaaaay out of her groove zone. She has zero comedic timing and she doesn't even look as if she believes she's funny. I mean, there's a saying "what leaves the heart will find another's"… well, I felt that she knew this mess wasn't funny… one bit. It was written all over her face.

Anyway, so this was suppose to be in the vain of "Cops" meets "Reno 911"? Well I'm sorry, it should read "Gabrielle" meets "Nzinga" and somebody better call 911 cuz they have lost their minds.


Crass, ignorant and not funny.


I saw this earlier today. The acting was pretty good and the characters were convincing minis some slight kinks. The story line kind of had me scratching my head a little bit, but not so much where I didn't understand what was really going on. Gabrielle is known for executing good humor off camera, so I think that this quite the challenge for her.

I think that overall it has the potential to be a quality product. I never have high expectations on the first episode, especially if that first episode is a part of a web series. So, I'm a subscriber.

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